You're Always Guided – PERFECT NEW Abraham Hicks 2019 (LOA)

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Inspired says:

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Leda Montenegro says:

Ahhh… some goose bumps, teary eyes and now pure bliss!

bojuification says:

I could listen to her videos forever. Such great insight.

It's Kells says:


Sarah Riston says:

Just lovely!


Brilliant thank you

Ann Tierney says:

How do you recall rockets?

Carol Alvarado says:

Thank you for sharing this with us. I enjoyed listening to it . I can relate to it, and I found it to be enlightening and encouraging.

Van Vasko says:

My check engine light came on and I kept hearing my dead grandfather saying catalytic converter so I got the car to the shop sooner than I planned and then found out if I'd continued driving the car any longer I would have destroyed the catalytic converter. My grandfather used to be a master mechanic at Jeep. I'm convinced we are always guided. Thanks for sharing. Namaste

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