Your Success Depends On This l Bob Proctor

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Proctor Gallagher Institute says:

Read the latest blog post here > #BobProctor

Viraj Dusane says:

I didnt get my free result coaching session..

Hand Germinari says:

God bless you Thank you mr. Proctor

Luis Alonso 1111 says:

Il see you soon Bob!

jayaram raja says:

Excellent speech sir👍🏼

Alex Xela says:

This is exactly what i needed

DaisySmile says:

So agree. The ultimate is serving others. I am working on bettering myself so I can I share my knowledge and gifts to help others.

Vivian Bacon says:

You reap what you sow.

Romma Narayan says:

he is thieving and bit Sly

Trina Kaufman says:


Sir Gawain says:

That well read Think & Grow rich book is always by your side Bob! 🙂

Asoh says:

Isn't that extreme narcissism ? To have flying others same as helping others ??

simon therrien says:

its funny I was walking outside this morning thinking about how I could serve more and give more service to my clients adn if that was the solution to allow more success in my life … I take this as a confirmation first video of youtube that pops up 🙂 much love to you guys

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