Your Diet is BLOCKING the Law of Attraction From Working (How to Fix It)

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Aaron Doughty says:

Hey Everyone! I just created a Free Subconscious Mind meditation that I think you guys will find powerful and effective. You can get it here ➡
Much love!

jack scott says:

I feel the same way cacau is a super food that can put you in good mood , enhanced mental capacity and high energy levels.

Elissa says:

Yes ?? get rid of the animals products why would you want that karma in your body!

NextTimeTech says:

Meat and dairy are very acidic foods, a plant based diet is worth a try for everyone

mauimel 44 says:

Just in time for new year's!

ceeloc says:

What’s your opinion on wheatgrass or spirulina powders?

Zoe Coleman says:

Maybe so, but not everybody who is depressed eats poorly. I eat very, very well and still do experience bouts of depression.

Romanikko Ralph says:

When my financial situation have become better I will eat healthy foods. That's my affirmation.

Hbob 8 says:

Wow, A few hours ago I was seriously thinking of going vegan and eating healthier because of the other law of attraction YouTubers that I watch, and I was wondering what does Aaron say about it, why he doesn't mention it, can I ask him?
Can I take this as a sign ?

noel strandholt says:

Are you vegan? My wife and I are. It feels amazing compared to when we ate shitty foods or fast food. Merry Christmas!

Natra OneHunnid says:

Thanks aaron i need this ,, im black so my family puts so much pressure on me during the holidays in i always fall trap to fried foods

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