You Were Born Rich Audio Book 📖 Chapter 5 | Bob Proctor

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Sâmulo Randerson says:

Bob, quero agradecer você e seu canal, pelo o ensino e conhecimento maravilhoso que está trazendo pra minha vida Obrigado gratidão. ..

Lukas says:

Hello Bob!

I was wondering if you livestream your event in March from 24-29 in Toronto. I would pay for that, since I can't be there.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for everything


Marcos Oliveira says:

Amazing! Thanks Bob!

Sherrie Slayton says:

Awesome, thank you so much for sharing 💜

THE * says:

you were born reach with spirit
but you are thinking ur reachness with the falsehood of money
i,m xact defferent

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