You Get What You Are – NEW Abraham Hicks 2019 (LOA)

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Inspired says:

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Vicky Frey says:

This is So amazing how when I have a question or I need advice, the first video I see is the answer video!

Your Cam Model Mentor says:

Wow this has helped me so much talking about a woman who is a Jackie of all trades master of a few ! Now I'll just go on my IG and not sell not picth . But simply speak on the WHY I like doing what I do.

Motivate Yourself says:

The Blessings is coming??

bigfoot6869 sasquatch says:


Zori Yael Stollar says:

Just AMAZING AMAZING! Get ahead of it (to be ready)….practice being happy allowing momentum to unfold?. Love them?

Karen Hartman says:

Good coffee, especially an espresso latte, is “the will to live served in a cup.”

Lavon Duncan says:

I will forever listen to her everyday

Karen Stevenson says:

I 100% agree, great coffee is worth it's weight in gold ☕☕☕

Rama Laxmi says:

Wow??? how do I get all my money from my vortex bank account ????

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