You Can Manifest ANYTHING With The Law Of Attraction When You LEARN HOW TO DO THIS! (Eye Opening!)

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Your Youniverse says:

✅ Recommended Video: BREAK the Cycle of Negative Thinking Like THIS! ➡

MzBatyah says:

This video complicated things for me. It's as though manifesting is much harder now.

Triztan 369 says:

Feeling is the Secret ????. Thanks,Jessica.

Vicky S says:

I received this vid on my phone @ 11:11 as a notification, and today is 11th Aug ????

Jennifer Piggott says:

Wow I received your notification at 11.11 God is so good…thanks Jessica have an awesome day.

Jason Atkinson says:

The "Self Q&A" format is very helpful. I also appreciate things being outlined in specific steps. Your videos are always empowering and I look forward to the newest one each week.

Mossy 1980 says:

Thank You Jessica ????????????

Pambrie says:

Lovely to hear this today

Authentic Self Guide says:

Complete alignment with thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behaviours ????????

Cara M. says:

Your AWESOME" ????????????

Jeffrey Pajarillo says:

So wonderful Jessica!

Ritu Parna Samanta says:

came here and a recommendation has 444k views and right that time saw 888 msgs from what's app ????

Erika K says:

We create our own reality, we have manifested everything about our reality today even if we're not aware of it. Positive thinking attracts positive things into our lives. We're powerful, more than we believe we are! There are no limitations but our own beliefs

Gabiel Charles says:

I was just listening to Dr. Bruce Lilton and was working out how to be the person i want to be… Vid came in at the right time. Best part is that i realised I'm allowed to be and have all i want. It's just the experience that we are here for anyway. Thanks. ????

JAKE aus/nz says:

Thank You! ????

Dancezel SA says:

I really learn a lot from this channel

Infinite Love Is Truth says:



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