Why The Law Of Attraction Is NOT Working + How To Fix And MASTER It ✨

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Shushi Cake says:

This was a great video!
But I have a few questions. Can I attract a new phone or weight loss? What do I do when I write down what I want?

Mila 2024 says:

I just discovered your channel and I’ve been binging all your videos. And from what I’ve seen, I think that you should do a video about if someone has a crush on you.

Multi Fandom69 says:

It’s amazing to finally see a platform that isn’t shit and have genuine content you go sis❤️❤️

애린박 says:

im kinda confused that when we match our vibrations to attract what we want do we have to continue to maintain at the same vibration until we finally manifest our desires or can we just send out the vibrations and just forget about it but still maintaining the trust and in the universe and continue to think positively…

Simran behl says:

Hey could you please do a video related to the zodiac signs and speak up on their future……. though I love your channel 😊❤️❤️

Lauren King says:

Your vids have a way of defusing my anxiety when it comes to law of attraction and life in general. I'm going to make notes from them. Thank you so much! Sending love! <3

Marin Hubbell says:

your vibe is unbelievably contagious!!! I love it! thank you

Kita Roque says:

i love this! i'm actually planning a video on my main channel on explaining the law of attraction with as much science as possible. i feel like if i use more science than just the 'witchy/spacy' stuff, people are more likely to actually look into it. resonance frequency is literally the missing link to what i have so i'll definitely mention this video in mine.
also, at the time watching this there are 2222 views, 333 likes, 3 dislikes and the time on my laptop says 23:23. . .like seriously, thank you for this!

Sophia Grace says:

new sub here!! love your content and i’m happy i can use you as a guide to manifesting in my spirituality

I Manifest Miracles Today & Everyday. says:

I manifested this video. I was thinking only today it isn’t working for me and the Universe gave me the answer in the form of your video. Can we try manifesting 2or3 things at the same time??

Chloe Marie says:

Can u do a video explaining how u do pick a card readings because I’m 13 Im a Pisces and I’m a witch it has run through my family but this would be something I would love to bring more into my life

rox[e]y says:

You just keep growing omggg !!!

Priya Sarkar says:

This is ❤❤❤❤❤

shooketh says:

i love your energy 💜

Elle Rey says:

Every time i do the dishes i think about this one person who i hate but kiiiiinda like at the same time ‼️ Since i only think of them while doing dishes, is something telling me i need to clean up

helena dorris says:

You are actually so pretty! Inside and out. <3

Raine M.S says:

What means if I see numbers 2222?

Ritika Jadhav says:

You are amazing…I love your talks❤️❤️

brooklyn nichole says:

I found your channel on new year’s eve just in time for 2019! I’m so grateful you’ve already changed my life so much, and I can’t wait to see what this’ll bring into the new year!!

Kathryn June says:

So freaking proud of your growth babygirl!!! Love you & all of your knowledge❤️🙌🏼

gab the beautiful says:

Omg your video help so much I feel like I finally understand more about myself. I feel like you help so much with my problem thank you❤✌🙏

Sry for my English I'm french

roxy lib says:

I really needed this, thanks. Seems like I've been doing it all wrong, hopefully i get to tune my emotions to the right Hz xx

Sara Naeem says:

Thank you so much for this!!! I’ve been meaning to read up about the Law of Attraction and learn about it, but this is so detailed and informative I know everything I need to know!!


Do you have a video on how to open your third eye?

Sav says:

omg and 44 comments. ive been seeing so many repeating numbers lately

Rachel Random says:

I think I’m finally having more positive thoughts unconsciously! I’m pretty sure I’m living out the nightmare I manifested. Thanks for all your videos!

What do you think about depression and manifestation? Do you think that’s manifesting negative stuff? Also what vibration is anxiety and ocd?

Lisa Hoe says:

Can you please film a video on spirituality?!?!

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