Why Law of Attraction Doesn't Work with Landria Onkka

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Claire wooding says:

What if your already with some one ona. Frequency and only one of you is awakening but you dont want to loose that person ????

Julie C says:

Very interesting. I like your style and your no nonsense attitude.

Saje610 says:

I love love love your videos and appreciate how much work it must be to do them. I enjoy your meditations as well. Thank you for all your hard work.

Catrina Lumley says:

Hi Landria, just checking in… been off the crutches about a month now… never went back to the knee brace…always looking forward x lol x still a way to go, and I do have good and bad days, but more good than bad… Driving is a lot less painful, so I'm getting out and about more too… Every time I doubt myself I look at the index finger on my right hand, I burned it on the oven about 3 weeks ago… Apart from a difference in skin tone it fully healed… my body did that… whilst healing my knee and dealing with day to day stresses, so that's truly amazing… Very grateful for all I have at the minute… Still loving your videos, very inspirational… If I have a bit of a flat day, can't get going, I'll turn to one of your vids to help lift me up, I make time for meditation now… It's done… The vibration still elevating amongst the conspiracy movement… I'm glad I didn't cut all ties because it's amazing to watch… Jon Ex Army (doom and gloom) just switched up and is now high vibration.. It's sending ripples throughout the truth community… He's getting a lot of trolls, especially from the religious dudes, but he's on the right path and amazing to see… Keep doing what you are doing Landria, and thank you once again, I've taken a lot from your knowledge, still a long way to go but getting there xxx Trina (UK) xxx

Patrick O'Donovan says:

Thank you for putting this together and the many others. Watching your material after a long day or week is always good medicine. Your gentle ambiance, Landria, is always so healing and uplifting.

Peter Gibbs says:

I am yes x thank goodness x keep the good work up xx

B Floss says:

I've studied law of attraction since 2014 but i knew something was missing.Quantum Physics is the real deal.Thank you and continue to share Landria.You have to be what u want and resignate on the same frequency of what u want then boom.❤❤❤????

Ma Sc says:

Thank you Danke

Sofia Souto says:

I agree with you….But the issue is that when people hold regular 9-5 jobs…and cant really devote time to the things they enjoy they can't get on that frequency. They live in the daily grind and the hopes dreams,,,,wants desires takes a back seat. Trying to get on a higher frequency is so unfamiliar that they don't work on it. They don't know how to do it. It will feel like work as well.

Bikini Banana says:

Finally someone cleared that out! Thanks A LOT. ????

Emily Rose says:

After I got the understanding on how the law works and have implemented in my life successfully, I’ve found that I don’t agree with the name law of attraction, firstly it gives people the wrong idea on how they create their reality, you don’t attract anything, you just create what you are, for example, for the people that what to attract wealth, they see it as something over there to get to and they do all these techniques in order to get closer to it, while in fact in my experience the law doesn’t work that way, you have to believe you already there before it can show up in your reality.

Secondly, a lot of scam business and “teachers” are using the term law of attraction to get people to pay for these ridiculous courses or lectures on how to attract things,while in fact most of the time these teachers don’t fully know what they’re talking about, it always seemed funny to me that these teachers or organisations were charging money to teach you how to attract money. In my personal experience, most of the people that really understood the law were providing the teachings mostly for free and would only get people to pay for personal coaching.

It’s a shame, because these teachings do in fact work, if you understand them correctly, however so many people when first learning about this concept, get drawn in with people that don’t understand the law and just make experience courses teaching you things that others teach you for free on YouTube.

Zainab Noor says:

you are a person , who insist people to make their inner strong. They are power that's it. It takes time that people adjust this basic rule. love much to a strong women with wise words.

Kies Key says:

Always a thumbs up video

PoHuLocal PoHuLocal says:

very helpful!

Frank Anda says:

Hey Landria, thanks for your courage to to oppose the „channeled information“ of Esther Hicks. I have known for a long time that as God you create things by putting thought and energy on what you desire. Thereby you don’t attract what you want but it manifests materially.

thoughtsbyaj says:

That which we desire already exists!

Jennifer Jones says:

Hey hun thank you for your videos like watching them thank you xxxxx

wisdom says:

The bible says that wy are all under the law! The law of attraction

Remanka Bahl says:

I am that thing that I desire ♥️????
Thanku Landria, listening to u is always wonderful and so positive.
Namaste. ????????

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