Why I Keep Attracting Abundance Into My Life – Law Of Attraction [The Secret]

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Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) says:

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How to Overcome Any Stressful Situation & Win


5 Signs to Tell If Someone’s Meant to Be In Your Life



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Heal Crystal Therapy says:

I just love you Ralf… I'm literally jumping off my seat with excitement!!! yesssssss?????????

Nick Mastropiero says:

They say whatever you wish upon to others , you wish upon yourself. It is definitely important to give back to others aswell and wish nothing but the best. Wishing upon others is a reflection of your own thoughts about yourself

Cathybroadcast20028 says:

Thanks Raph??

Reveye says:

Why are you on here triggering people Ralph????? LOLOLOLOL I love this!

Oliver Obenrauch says:

Ralph you are the best!!!

Joseph Smyly says:

I love your Energy !!! I'm grateful for your messages I'll be incorporating your technics into my life

gavil 270 says:

You're a beautiful spirit Ralph

SunGoddess says:

Hey you! I've bn loving you from 6 yrs back when synchronicity brought me to 1 of your videos. You continue to inspire me and I keep sending protection and supreme inspiration vibes your way. Have you done something differently to your skin? The color has been different lately. Anyways, I hope one day we can meet…so I can shake that golden hand!

Crazy Real says:

11k views 1.1k likes always perfect timing for me ?

Ultra Warrior Anthony Chavez says:

Money is your weapon, it is your shield, your security. Use it to invert any negative in its primordial essence. Good as long as one does not lose ones' soul in the process. Blessings

Nitra Aiken says:

The day you plant the seed is not the day you reap the fruit. Whoooooooooo powerful my friend

Nitra Aiken says:

Love you Ralph

Crispy Chicken says:

?✨??✨?? i feel the same way!!! I love being creative an authentic everyday I always wish there were more people like this. Let's do this Spirit fam were manifesting greatness

Jesse Roussell says:

great content. The video looks just as good in 720p as 4k and will save much disk space

William Kees says:

Ralph,you should pitch short 2 to 3 minute voice messages to radio morning shows to reach more deep divers.Have a great day!

Tonette Holmes says:

"Stunnting on the Gram". Ralph is so funny!

indigo Nesha says:

??? we are infinite!!

Stuart Leach says:

You straight up and down heal me everyday

David Taylor says:

The new blazer is so fire!

Jayla Martin says:

Absolutely love all your videos!!! Your so positive and it makes me feel positive

Tess says:

Ralph, every video of yours is gold!!! :)))

John Dias says:

Ralph is soaring

deltatechdrcroft says:

I bow, well said !???

Nini L. says:

Ok ok ok ok i believe you after all you manifested 1.4M subbies…you funny too…mmmmmm…other side…mmmmmmm..

Anthonio Gladney says:

This was deep for the diver! Thank you so much Ralph for sharing your experience everyday!?

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