When You CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS, You CHANGE YOUR REALITY (Law Of Attraction) Powerful!

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Your Youniverse says:

Recommended Video: What You Are NOT BEING TOLD About The Law of Attraction That Can CHANGE How You MANIFEST! https://youtu.be/pqDzcE0Ku2w

Krina Kkrriinnaa says:

This is golden, thank you 🙂

Wael Faraj says:

Someone commented in a favebook group on something beyond our thoughts such as seeing through our third eye or envisioning …

When we stop identifying with thinking/past/personal memory, then the DNA memory starts to speak to us… and that's a "tree"/fractal of information – the soul as a book or library – so i get lots of downloads, because "seeing" is a faster speed/time than thinking – you get whole planes of information rather than lines – the art is to translate plane speak into line speak for me…

dhruba intisher says:

11:11 And thank you so [email protected] love you guys again and again and again!!!

BHAVYA shambhavi says:


Cal7333 says:

Thank you family for the message. Much love and light to Jessica and all

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