What You Are NOT BEING TOLD About The Law of Attraction That Can CHANGE How You MANIFEST! Use This!

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Your Youniverse says:

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Buddha smiling says:

Thank you 😍

Li Chan says:

Your voice is so captivating 😍 love your Chanel 😙

Born of Fire says:

Jessica, why you so sexy??

New Man says:

Thank you! =)

Mahra Ramnath says:

How does one let go if negative feelings ? If a debt payment is due soon and no job wat do i tell myself to get rid of the feeling of powerlessness

Tasveer Parthab says:

Thank you that was amazing 🙂

Soraya Medina says:

You are bes. what you says is always on point in my process. I look back and i am seeing that person (me) is not longer exist. I like this much better. 👍👍😁😁🎁

Bill Faulkner says:

I needed this! Thank you. Blessings:)

Michael Hutchinson says:

Thank you for the unique perspective of looking at the bad to recognize why I get the unwanted results and end up in the same place. Happily Ignoring the fact I'm heading wrong way again has only made the best of the same path. I can still use positive thinking to enjoy the smell of the roses but perhaps focusing on the mistake will benefit me by knowing when I should turn a different way.

I AM IS LIFE says:

Do you have a different technique for this situation for point of power? Because I really can't think of any type of evidence that goes against the beliefs. It's really annoying and frustrating. Please help.

kissiz baby says:

This video is a sign from the universe. Thank you! I am grateful.

Jamari Sprueil says:

Hey Jessica! It was great to see you in the last vid! One of the top comments if not THE # 1 comment I see when something doesn't manifest: "The Law of Attraction doesn't work" . LOA is a magnetic force. It's always "working" it just doesn't always "work" like people want it to lol. Thanks for all you do. Have a great day and holiday!

Jordan Oliver says:

This came right on time 🙂

Cal7333 says:

Thank you family for the message. Much love and light

heaven oo4 says:

Please tell us what is COSMIC Energy how it’s effect on human life ..🙏

Ultimate Ormus says:

It seems to be working for me for the last couple months. Doing things I never thought I would. Thanks

NUMBER one ENEMY says:

772views 77likes 2 dislikes, synchronizity on the right path.

Redrose California says:

777th view and 77th like is mine 😍😍😍😍😁

Aditi Nijhawan says:

Thanks again for yet another inspiring video….
I wanna manifest this intention however I don't know what to visualise in it…would be great if some one (your youniverse)could guide me please just once….😊..
My mail I'd is [email protected]gmail.com

Fire Horse says:

Thank you for another really helpful technique! I find the specific examples you run the process through very helpful in my understanding of the concept. Gathering evidence of our own power sounds so do-able when you explain it! 😉 much love, Jennifer

Hadia Bhatti says:

Thank You 😍

dhruba intisher says:

Y'all are too amazing!

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