What Is Your Habit of Thought? (Law of Attraction)

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Maheen Ishaq says:

Question: How do we handle a situation where we want something there is burning desire but there is a fear attached to it…and u don't fight the fear, u let it be and focus on ur desire, but every time an action that draws u closer to your desire happens, ur fear takes over and pulls u back in the spiral and becomes dominant. If I give a pictorial view its like the desire is powerful and is dominant and the fear is sleeping and non existent and u believe u can do it but just as soon as a step actually comes and it will bring u closer to ur want, this fear wakes up out of no where and pulls u back and becomes dominant and u hide behind it…and just as the opportunity vanishes, the fear goes back to sleep again… and the desire awakens and starts asking and wanting the opportunity back. How to come out of this circle…. ??

Maheen Ishaq says:

thank you andy …. I GET YOU and Your message always and it is changing me and my life for good LOVE U …God Bless

Rousette Herrera says:

perfect timing for this! thanks a lot!

assertyourself says:

Yes, Andrea ! I was raised in a household loaded with self doubt, low self esteem/low confidence, lack of believing that money was only for the rich. It’s an odd feeling for me to think I am above that. It’s hard to re wire your brains circuitry .

Gold, Just gold says:

Hey. I was going to thank you in your previous video but I'll do it here.
I recently got back into my old hateful way of thinking and it shows. I even said things in YouTube comments that weren't really me but I caught on and thought about it heavily today (self reflection just an hour ago)… Thank you for your videos. Your thoughts really CAN help or hurt your future. So thanks.

Safa Bou says:

Useful video as always! Sending love to you and your family❤

christine schmidt says:

Ahhh yes I can't believe im asking this but what is a loving thought? When u being raised in a home without emotion or negative emotion and you left said home with start of your young adult life with negative emotions then trained yourself to feel NO emotions accept for LOGIC and REASON –how do you formulate LOVING thoughts? Thats so weird but i had NO idea I was so COLD and emotionless until I found you and your absolutly mind blowing Videos…that work. Thank You

Saurabh S says:

Once again u stunned me wd an amzng advice….👍

Ahmed Humayun Rasheed says:

Nice video. You should make a video on vicious circle

Ahmed Humayun Rasheed says:

My friend your eye still bad. Show it to eye specialist!

aiza aiza says:

please tell me how to get your ex back fast .and how to let go the imagination part. and feel good

R.J. B says:

You always have such good advise, thank you.

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