What is The Law Of Compensation? | Bob Proctor

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Priscila Armbrust says:

Bob you are the BEST S2!!!!

Healing your Happiness says:

LAW of compensation

The amount of money you earn is in direct relation with:
1- the need for what you do
2- how easily you can be replaced
3- how good are you at what you do

kevin mbai says:

Love it !! I ALWAYS learn something new everytime ??

King David says:

And what does it mean to Master your energy?

King David says:

When “Mastering your energy” what are the fundamental ways in doing so?

Cathy H says:

winter follows winter in Ireland

Paul A. Jules III says:

How many of you follow his teachings and are still not satisfied? I bet I can help.

Ray Prana says:

thank you so much Bob

jjacq says:

I listen to Bob at every opportunity

G.I .M.V says:

Master your craft and you will be one of the highest paid, I realised that a few years back examples Michael Jordan, Cristiano Ronaldo, Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor etc

Alex Vivanco - born to live ABNoRML says:



Thank you so much ??????

Marco Azzopardi says:

I will embed this in my mind .. Thank you.

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