What is the Law of Attraction? 7 Tips to Help the Manifesting Process

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Jaspen Rob says:

Love this positivity

Wendy Rolle says:

I look forward to your videos. I check my notifications daily just to be notified of your videos. Thank you am so grateful for coming across your channel. You explain LOA so well.

Donna Tolliferreo says:

I watched all the way to the end and loved every bit. Even took notes! ?


Thanks for this video! I saved it in my favorite videos! I am going to watch it until I get Law of Attraction to work!

KurlyAbby says:

Girl! I found you at the right time.

Bonnie Mak says:

You're glistening sis!!!!!!!!!

Super Solid says:

I've been using the LOA for years and its REAL!
I wanted to quit a job so long ago and kept telling myself: " I don't know how or when but I'm going to quit this job." 8 months later I get a call about insurance money. 2 months later I got that money! Just when it got into my account, I wrote a notice, turned it in and called it a night.
11 months later…
I have a settlement that I didn't know about for years until I got a phone call from a company that reminded me of the amount. The amount is HUGE! And right now I am waiting for a phone call back from my insurance company. I thought we lost that money, turns out that they were just holding it. I pray that everything will work out and I can finally pull my life back together. But I know the Universe has got my back. Its gotten me this far.
Pray for me.
May the LOA manifest your dreams for all of you!

Swarnalakshmi Govindaraj says:

You are jus awesome…you are a true blessing from universe ?

Goddess says:

I have downers every now and then but for the most part I try to monitor my thoughts, think positive, feel/be/speak positive and constantly remind myself it is already done.

justicenc says:

1. Quiet your mind(deep breaths)
2.Set your intentions
3. Think about things that make you feel good.
4.Your words hold power. (Speak positively into your life)
5.Get greatful
6.Visualize what you want
7.Set your self up the night before to have a good day the next day.

Brittany Gill-Denny says:

I made it to the end of the video. And I want you to know that I am listening and taking your advice. I haven't manifested anything as yet but I know they are coming. And I'm soooo excited for it. Thank you for help. I'll continue to remain positive.

Yasheen Robinson says:

Thanks alot! Glad I found your channel

S Wri says:

Thank you for this video!! ?? I’m speaking only positive words!!

jadecc says:

Just found your channel and love your content so much!

Rose Zuccaro says:

To attract happiness you need to be happy. TY, TY, TY. I love how clear you are. I need the straight forward clear direction also. I am so grateful and happy now that I am clear on LOA. #HumanRace ?

ThePearsall1 says:

I made it to the end of video ??

Noda Ivey says:

I like you.. i watch your videos

Kellee Travis says:

Yess! Thank you soo much! I love your videos because I’ve watched so many manifestation videos but you explain it in a way that makes it an easy everyday thing. Love it!

K. Jackson says:

Hey girl hey ??

Wambui Maggie says:

Am good at visualizing the wish granted but am poor in getting this negative thoughts in my head.I want to manifest just two things now,but I need to stop with the whatif thoughts.

Lornie Red Wine David says:

Thank you loving your videos on law of attraction and how to manifest ??

L Monae says:

I say a similar prayer to that, simple and to the point. Great tips on manifesting our heart's desires! Thank you for sharing!

Bahamian Princess says:

You got it already

Bahamian Princess says:

I did watch thanks

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