USING WATER To MANIFEST What You Want | The Law of Attraction (How to Do It)

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Jake Ducey says:

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Much love!!!

Simone Feiler says:

#iamwater ❤️ thanx Jake Ducey, you ROCK!



Ebony Bobo says:



I was drinking my body this whole time

Handy Hartono says:

#IAMWATER , thanks Jake

Ronald Kerr says:


dhara sangtani says:

how many days we have to use this technique to get specific person?

The New Age Hotelier says:

Jake!!! OH MY God… I have watched your videos for ages, they are so uplifting, funny and so in alignment… THIS video!!!! 🙂 Was AMAZING!!! Thank you! I was having breaky when I was watching this and I had a cuppa tea, and I remember the study done on water from learning about from yourself and others.. and it never occurred to me to do it with my water, or any drink really… juice, kombucha… wine.. haha just to up its vibe, say thank you to it and then drink it to become part of my being, Its Fabulous!!! Have a brilliant day…​ OH, and I also said to my water. I'm so happy and grateful that the universe put Jake Ducey on the planet to be so funny, uplifting and totally awakening! 🙂 I had a giggle…

Ima Thinker says:

Releasing resistance, wow that's a good one

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