USING WATER To MANIFEST MONEY | The Law of Attraction (How To Do It)

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Jake Ducey says:

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Much love!!!

Lee Powell says:

Appreciate the Awareness



Love that you covered this again! I’ve used water as a manifesting tool since reading Emoto’s book. I started using star ⭐️ post-its to put on my water glasses. It works! Now I’m incorporating speaking or thinking whatever it is I desire to the water. It’s fun and expansive – amazing!

Jennifer Piggott says:

#Best Life Ever.

Martine Skillen says:

Yes! Do it! …and why not "pray" over all your water based foods…purify them before consuming them while you're at it…add love and gratitude! (I'm thinking of the junk food isle at the grocery store…no water based foods there!) Thank you Jake!


This will work I believe you have brought money to me many times . 🛐✊🏾😁 thank you I will return the favor financially soon 😉

leanne frances says:

Bestlifeever🙏⭐️💕thanks Jake you rock,

Patricia Fairie Gaia Holmes says:

OMG! I started doing this when I saw Dr. Emoto's study! It works for everything you desire to make better in and around you.

Awesome video, love your channel and message. Much love and blessings to you

Elite Fitness With Steve says:


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