Using Water to Manifest ANYTHING with the Law of Attraction with Eric Ho

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Mimi Indigo says:

Two beautiful souls helping their fellow humans. Bless you both and happy new year 💜💜😇😇

Melanie & Jazz says:

Ya I saw his videos a while back and now I can't help but bless my water before every sip 🙏

Rupesh Chauhan says:

I think i learn something new with this water technique. Next time i will always show some gratitude from whom i am offered water or any kind food.

Eric Ho says:

Was fun bro, let's do it again soon! Bring on a HUGE 2019! 😀

Padma Prasad says:

Namaste Aaron and Eric, wish you a very happy new year from Mumbai, India. Thanks so much for sharing this video. You guys have actually shared a very profound and deep line of thought on water. I would like to share a little about this – it was known and followed in India since generations, the same can be said for eastern cultures as well. However over later centuries, this knowledge was sort of lost or reduced to being handed down as ritual done by great grand parents and grand parents…but in the last decade or so and now more so it is coming back with scientific proof gradually, as larger number of people across the world are opening up to such possibilities…I have noticed such knowledge and similar resurfacing as yoga, tai chi, etc. get greater acceptance everywhere…it is just about getting closer to nature in so many levels be it physical, physiological, emotional and mental, spiritual…I guess this back to nature approach is going to simplify the way people lead their lives. Once again thank you guys! Truly appreciate your style…please keep your good work going. Namaste!

Juliana Portillo says:

Eric hoeeee (sorry i had to)

Crypto Creep says:

you ae so great together! love both of your colaboration videos! <3 <3 <3

I wickerman says:

we have a spring in my town, would like to see its crystal form

Rouseyy Airbrush Make-up Artist says:

I have a glass water bottle with a Smokey quartz crystal in the bottle, will that alone help?

Hanin Altamimi says:

Oh wow my favourite two in one video!!!!!! This is just magical!! Made my day

tianaro longkumer says:

Aaron… Man ur awesome

Michael Wilson says:

Source Creator applied the 2 Lightworker Healing Protocols in perpetuity to all the fluids l have experienced past present and future.

Success Neupane says:

WTF Am I seeing here Aaron and Eric are together both are my favorite law of attraction YouTubers MINDBLOWN !!!

Bita Masoumi says:

That’s why no food taste like mom’s food. She puts love in it.

sky 1187 says:

This law of attraction is driving me craxy!?:😜
I'm trying it.

AWE SUM says:

What intention are you putting into wearing your gay skinny jeans? 😂
bet those ankles are going to be cold in winter 😂

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