Use Your Magic – New Empowering Information – Abraham Hicks 2019

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Nathalie M says:

Love the visuals and text! Great new material!

Mau Anaya says:

Thanks ????????????

Patricia Obrien says:

I love this piece. We all can get in touch with the (powerful) magic deep within each of us through non resistance and by not looking back, but by remaining in the receiving mode in anticipation of what is to come. Thanks Inner Light. I also love your reaffirmations in the video. ????

Mirela Cubra says:

What do you mean by inner being? Where is that IN?..

Robert Preston says:

I have believed things many times so strongly and would be so happy believing things were coming that I desired only to be shocked and heartbroken badly when it did not. Just as I have been confident that bad things were coming in certain situations many times and would be angry and depressed only to be shocked and happy when it did not happen and things went better for me. How do these theories about belief and the law of attraction explain this?

It seems in reality you get what you believe you will never get and you dont get what you believe you will get! How CRUEL to teach people to believe you will have what you desire only to have it not come. Not getting something you want is cruel enough but to have people feel and believe and be positive they will have it and feel it already only makes it a million times more painful when it never happens!

I also have known many who got themselves to believe and feel strongly things would go there way which made it that much worse on them when they went the opposite way. Sending them into depression even suicide! . Again it seems even others get the reverse of what they believe and expect! the reverse happens of what people feel and believe

In fact I have many times instead of trying to pretend things would go my way I have many times cried and thrown a tantrums over bad situations and instead of attracting bad things as we are told it would, it only made me feel better and things actually then went my way. And I know many who use this for ritual magic too. Instead of believing things would go their way they too instead used sadness or anger over the situation and over how they wanted things to change and cried about it to not only feel better but find things then tend to go their way. Again the exact opposite of what these attraction laws of beliefs say

I have said this many times and expected people to argue with me and prove me wrong and instead tons of people have agreed with me and said they have found this to be true for them as well! Some people told me they now convince themselves they will never have what they desire and that before they know they actually get it!

Adam Joyner says:

????????️‍????????????????????️‍????????????wow!! YES!!:)????????️‍????????????????????️‍????????????????

thiery572 says:

Thanks for putting the real channeling date.

Marina Campbell says:

✨Perfection✨Thank you✨????

InnerLight says:

what do we mean by a daydream? …when it does is so delicious you don't want to take your attention from, and when you allow yourself to just receive it – this is not a thought you think, this is a thought you receive – this is about having Masters of the universe focusing to you, and you being in a place of receiving the thought… and it being pleasant while you receive it

InnerLight says:

"…it's the thrill of reality creating that you were here about it's the thrill of lining up with your true power."

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