Use the Laws of Life to Master Your Life | Bob Proctor

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Ro Pi says:

You, Sir, are a true gift to humankind. Thank you!

john enroe says:

Hay guys, come join us in Whealth group on WhatsApp, we are sharing our stories, support each other, motivate also. Come and be part of huge family

Thushara Kavya says:

Yes i did realise this recently

Lucas James says:

700th like here and you're soooo right

WildAvenue says:

awesome video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

damm son martial art champion says:

Msg me @cooldudeneo

damm son martial art champion says:

Can you mentor me for free?

Naseemah Allyson says:

Hi Bob … it's such an honour to be present in this world at the same time with you … I love your work .. i have just rediscovered the LOA and i was directed to your you tube chennal … what a difference you have made in my life .. you are the Napoleon Hill of our times thank you … bless you .. sending you lotsa love from Johannesburg South Africa xxx …

Hichem Too West Coast says:

Thank you Sir may God bless you

Nice Stuff says:

Where can. I learn these laws?

Camille Carter says:

What I Love & Respect about Bob the Most…….he wants EVERYONE To Win, PERIOD!? Thank You, Mr. Proctor.?

P.S. Wayyyyy Off Topic, But U have The BEST Looking hair Ever…..??

Jay's Portraits says:

Looking great Bob!

Beauqeton 0JETx says:

Super inspired

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