Universal Laws: Dive Deeper | Bob Proctor

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Clement Daltin says:

Nothing is created or destroyed … theses words resonates in my head while I was worrying and then miracle, I felt instantly better.
Thank you Bob Proctor!

Friar Pesel says:

The Kybalion in 12 and a half minutes. Bravo, brother.

Yarim De Leon says:

Hello, can someone tell me what happened with the video that was released yesterday think and grow rich video, I came back to the channel to finish watching it and is gone ? if someone has the link can I please get it TY

Marat Bakhtygerey says:

Start watching from 6:57

simon therrien says:

you look good Bob still have 30 years or more in ya for sure 😉


Gostaria que houvesse legenda? amooo ele nas nao sei ingles

Ndamulelo Ndou says:

What is the name of that wooden watch in Bob's table… i really want it

Maria Alkhaldi says:

Thank you so much Bob ..

Ko Andry says:

I love this video, thank you bob

Lizashree gogoi says:

Thank U sir

Top Best Motivational Videos says:

Bob proctor the legend!

Zaheer Abbas says:

Thanks BOB.!!

Sam William says:

Thank you Sir for your time, effort and caring! Much appreciated!

Irish Lass says:

I feel like Bob had a glass of Sherry before filming this ?

lc Lucky says:

Just thinking of u while I am reading the secret book few min back sir ….. TQ ?

Frankie Gunnz says:

Hey Bob, I need this law to finally work for me.

Atal says:

How is your health?

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