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Gypsyjan55 says:

Thank you.. it’s about momentum. I recently experienced another flooded basement. Due 2 sum sloppy thinking.. hubby & I r cleaning up another flooded basement.. our 3rd.. or 4th.. I forget. It’s time 2 dream-up a better future experience. This one’s getting old. I’m happy it’s again just rain water.. but enough w/this experience. Been there.. done this b4.. enough already. ☮️❤️

Georgia Conti says:

It's time to stop flying United Airlines!! ❤❤

Life Perspectives says:

Wow, wow, wow – brilliant excerpt. Thanks for uploading.

Loving Life Health says:

Is that why the Asheville workshops changed ???? It’s hilarious and so much love even still ????

Nermine NA says:

simply great

Heather says:

Thank you for "no ads" 😉

Heather says:

This is so good, a hard pill to swallow, but so good.
Thank you!

kristin lee says:

It's not fun to hear about Esther's extravagance lifestyle when some of us can't even afford a ticket listen to Abraham. Why don't they lower the prices!? Why don't they lower the prices?!

Debbie G says:

i love your posting ❤️ ty

Heather Warren says:

God damn I love this

C Dee says:

I booked a flight to go to a wedding… Five days. Even when booking the flight I realized I really didn't want to be with those people for 5 days. The results? The flight was cancelled…TWICE. I only ended up with them for 2.5 days.

How perfect was that! I knew what I did. While they were being very anxious about the cancellations I was so chill. It all worked out perfectly for me.

Angel Visitor says:

????Thank you. Blessings.????????

bobmann1000 says:

One of the very best segments that I have ever heard from Abraham. This one is worth listening to every day,

Donny Brasco says:

Thank you SO MUCH, Esther, for letting us know when this was recorded! ❤️????❤️

Irma Zikariene says:

But it's a good joke ????????????????????????

Blyss Davis says:

Great job on the video editing! It’s fantastic!

Grace Love says:

I came to this video because I asked myself what I needed to get to a greater evolution and this is exactly what I needed to understand. Thank you!


Abraham dropping the f-bomb ???????????? I needed this video so much.

Also great job with all the edits, they fit perfectly into these videos and it makes your channel a bit more unique!

Motivate says:

I like the intro song ????

Mary Ann Knox says:

Thank You ????

Your Cam Model Mentor says:

Wait let me hear that again .."the expectation of something unwanted "

Nathalis Slabbekoorn says:

One of the most brilliant parts of Ester & Abraham, by the way????thnx for sharing! (Without ads⭐????????

Nathalis Slabbekoorn says:

Like a bird in a tree….????love the song! Can you tell me more about it?

Live inlove360 says:

❤️❤️❤️❤️Thank you for this… needed to take this in this morning. Please share, what’s the name of the song/artist in the intro? Very mellow…????????✨

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