TRUST the UNIVERSE’S Plan For You! (Law Of Attraction in 2019)

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Your Youniverse says:

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barbara mcghee says:

Happy 2019 Awesome

Monique-Rene Coates says:

STUCK in void with relative who is opposite of what I want to become. 10 years of prep?

Lovedontel J says:

Happy belated New Year to you and your family!🎉😇 I love her metaphor. I will stop resisting and make those uncomfortable changes. Thank you for sharing. And, I will check out your guest’s page as well.😊

Mike Halpin says:

Awesome video. I so believe. I liked the metaphor. I’ve subscribed. Looking forward to viewing your channel and future videos.

Naomi Kiaaina says:

Thank you for that mindful metaphor ❄️

Sangeeta Pawar says:

I loved that!

Mermaid Bridgette says:

Love this content from my favorite Life Coach – Jeannie Lynch @meanjean1963 ❤️ This is such a timely reminder to not back down from the life events : reminders to raise our vibrations – meet them and exceed them in this New Year!

Strawberry Honey says:

Brilliant. Thank you.
I wish everyone a prosperous and Lucky 2019 🍀

Will Lawson says:

The real question is who are you raising your vibration for. If it is the universe asking you for this then it is the universe looking for reward not the individual. If the universe needs the help of the individual then we are not all one. We are then only one if the individual cares the whole. I have been asking myself this for along time .How many individuals can one carry. The great line”who are you carrying all those bricks for”.

meanjean1963 says:

Thank You, Jessica from Your Youniverse …. After following your channel for 2 years and learning so much it is amazing to see one of my Videos on your channel. This year is going to be amazing! Fan for Life Jeannie 🙂

Ci ci says:

Thank you…
Perfect timing 💕💕💕

sorry that username is taken says:

I didn't know that it was the universe's plan. Now I know.

Peaceful Mind says:

Thank you for this video! In thankful you came into my life.

Nollie Mccain says:

Aaah…..the human experience 🙃

Wendy Gordon says:

Great video! This happened to me, I didn't realise at the time when the bad event was happening, but when I became aware it's changed my life forever! I love my life and always will! universal love, peace and joy vibrations to you all ❤x

DavGP1208 says:

Hi, how can I eliminate the effect of a thought in the Universe? Like if I have a recurring negative thought (from anxiety/ocd) but I fear that thing from manifesting. Afaik the LoA doesn’t work with negatives so I don’t know what to do. Please help.

Antonio lewis84 says:

I guess step into the unknown or what is uncomfortable. right now I know what I desire just however long that seed takes to bear fruit inside the womb of my mind.

Andrea Anonymous says:

I don't want to go through anything else in this life for my "highest good". I am sick to death of the universe's way of helping. Is there a phrase or some kind of opt out button to get it to stop?

Michelle C says:

Beautiful video. Thank you!

Maxi van Joy says:

peace,love,blessings and a happy 2019 to everyone 🙏❤🙏

Jue Justice says:

Thankyou, very wise and beautiful message

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