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Infinite Love says:

I'm so glade you spoke about "The Four Agreements" I listened to it on YT the audio book it was AMAZING! ??

diosa de la luna says:

im 21yrs old and i recently just learned about manifesting, its actuallu quite amazing since i have been so low my entire life. it really helps.

Cindy Culotta says:

This video popped up on my phone at the perfect moment that I needed to hear this thank u! And I have read the four agreements

Indasia Summerfield says:

THANK YOU FOR THIS! It's time to glow up in all ways. I be pulling out my tarot cards to figure out what's blocking my manifestations. Shoot. I ain't got time. Lol.

tae thomas says:

Jazz the VIRGO ? I love you ???? #teamvirgo

Rubi Ortiz-Garcia says:


Patricia Patton says:

♥️ You keep me inspired and motivated!!!!

Jennifer lve says:

I have read the four agreements n love that book

k bre says:

I absolutely love when you talk about these topics! Keep it up! Love you

Carnisha XO says:

Wowwww like I was the same way in middle school. This video was very much needed. Let me know I’m headed in the right direction. ?

Alexssandra Monique says:

Love this!!!!

Mindy Rodriguez says:

THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO! this video gave me a precise blue print to organize my mind & add this to my life. I even took down notes!! 😀

Let's Talk with La'Precious says:

This works. It has worked for me in so many different ways.

Amber says:

Yellow is super pretty on you!

brit J says:

do u get a sponsor legit every video like damn how much damn hair do u own now lmao

Hoopgal321 says:

JAZZMEN!! I started meditating 2 years ago & it led to a spiritual awakening – my heart exploded and I was “one” with God and everyone and everything.. totally crazy. Changed my life and you’re right – meditation is prayer. I love your method, I do mine similarly. Love & Gratitude is the key. I read the Four Agreements in my early 20s (I’m 40 now) – wonderful book. A book I read recently, that you might like, is The Untethered Soul.

HappyHealthyAlternativeMom says:

Yesss girl! about to watch! ive been working on and seeing manifestation and angel numbers ALLL year! Im with you

Saïda says:

Sending You Love & Light, Thank You For Radiating Positivity ?

Sade B says:

I really needed this jazzmen please teach me im gonna start changing my ways and keep praying

Aay P says:

I love this ???

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