Three 5th Dimension MANIFESTATION TECHNIQUES That Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! (law of attraction)

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Your Youniverse says:

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Jaleel Mahrouf says:

powerful, very insightful. instructing but not. very good.

Jay Man says:

Be careful. This will work. Just be prepared. ????

paul anthony says:

Do you have programs that can change the inter core of subconscious, i mean the belief system .

Patricia Morales Valdes says:

Perdón me interesa si pueden y quieren traducir al español soy mexicana de una mente muy abierta mi vida anterior fue francesa me interesa lo que están exponiendo a través de esta ventanita si no se puede o no quieren mis respetos ok y adelante gracias

carmino seranni says:

What power?? I have limited power!!! I do know computers and I know how the internet works…..AND I KNOW HOW TO MAKE YOU TUBE VIDEOS!! But what should I say?? LOL

Mark Richardson says:

Finally it makes sense “as we think in our hearts so are we”. Wow ???? the thinking heart. Awesome thanks ????????

Chris Oakes says:

You live in 3 dimensions now. Thought: mental plane. Feeling: Spiritual plane. Manifestation; physical plane.

Lina Arafeh says:

You will never even begin to imagine how much joy you are able to plant in my weary heart, Jessica! I have never seen anyone like you, ever!
May your life be blessed with so much joy, that even you, are unable to imagine possible!????????????

Cherree Simpson says:

Thank you, thank you & thank you… with much gratitude, I appreciate the delivery and prefect form your work provides…. totally appreciated❤❤❤

Bryan Keith says:

I think love

play doe says:

i don't like the narration. the gal spoke 2 fast. i couldn't relax..:(

The Wolf Comedy says:

Remove the ads please.

Róbert Nagy says:

mivel nincs félelemem és nem is lesz. nektek lesz a jogdijam kemyény lesz :)))))))) de ez dobta a számotokra :)))))) az egyensuly:))))

Universal Energy says:

Excellent I'm doing it thanks Jessica????

Shan Mills says:

This is absolute perfection! I watch videos similar to this all the time but this one literally took me so much further. I truly entered the 5th dimension and didn’t want to leave! I entered the meditative state and went further and further until I didn’t want to leave! Ended up in meditation for 2 hours straight! I am also 5 months pregnant and my usually calm baby was so energetic, moving about like crazy but in such a rhythmic way. I am now truly living in my perfect reality it’s unbelievable! I see everything through different, positive eyes! Thank you so much ????????

Su Grigoryan says:

Can we manifest a specific person by the Low

Gerard Sanford says:

I was thinking the other day the moment that I figured out pretty much exactly how this Universe works is the moment I realized that one negative thought attracts all negative thoughts. I was given the advice to imagine myself from outside of myself like a neutral observer and that's probably the only reason that I ever would have noticed. I could see a black hole in space pulling in energy like liquid light and I noticed that I didn't have to look for the other negative thoughts that followed the first like through a file cabinet but they just presented themselves. It's the resonance of our hearts in each moment that determines what is attracted to our realities in the next. It takes practice to change from negative to positive thinking but the Universe works in our favor as I believe it's Love that is the constant resonant vibration at the center of our hearts and only our Fear that blocks it. The ego can't be defeated it must be rationalized with imo. I think that it's the Truth behind the Golden rule that it must be convinced of. I remind myself that everything I do is because I think it's best for me because I believe that is an inevitable Truth and I actually believe that this is a necessary understanding to have in order to understand the Truth behind the Golden rule for the ego to be convinced. Who can we get to convince the ego, one might ask? ???? I think the imaginary observer is the right choice because everything is made out of imagination. I just had the thought maybe that is what's meant by the snake eating it's tail. We go to find ourselves of course we are going to find it's us that's looking. ????????????????

Rob Madera says:

Thank you for the message God bless you and your family????????

chinmay trivedi says:

U r genius meri raani

chinmay trivedi says:

The reality really changed

Sharon Wallace says:

The music is highly distracting

Jodie Laguna says:

This is amazing!! I could actually feel the things in my life that no longer serve me evaporate in front of me. Thank you for sharing this beautiful message!! Blessings and light. ????????????❤️

DJ Ell Ess says:

I simply love this channel. Ive been watching for about a year now. And it's an amazing feeling when things go in my favor now. I try my best to be calm and receptive. I cry sometimes just thinking of the incredible life changes that have happened to me in the last year. I love this channel so much. Thank You From the Bottom Of My Heart ❤❤❤

Paul Wang says:

So, including to believe in ourselves as being created in God's image – then. Thank you for sharing your idea.

Douglas Wallace says:

02:25 #1 Magnetism See what I want to manifest in its vibrational form. See that form merging with my emotional body. Allow me to add sound and sight to this picture. I Am Iron Man ! FFFSHOOP ! Forearms covered. FFFSHOOP ! Upper right thigh now in place. FFFSHOOP ! Left boot. This Is Really Fun !

Ron Verse says:

One of the best listens yet on the subject. Concise! I can feel the universe shifting around me to my will. Thank you to the creator! ☯️☮????????

Anurag Singh says:

Your channel is so much great. ????????❤️Love your videos

deepstargazer says:

Beautiful…. thank you…

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