“THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS” – Most Powerful Law of Attraction Technique Not In The Secret Movie!!

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Jake Ducey says:


Samhita Das says:

Tell me something.. how do you expect and detach yourself at the same time?

Asmita Das says:

100k subscribers.. Congratulations jake

Ocean Epic says:

Congrats on 100k ?

Bhu says:

100k subs! Wooo! ?

Neil Goloy says:

I can never fully express my gratitude and appreciation to you for providing me with the necessary implements to change the direction of my life toward a brighter future. You're a miracle worker Jake! A pleasant day to you sir. 🙂

Inoka Perera says:

Thanks you always giving good ideas, keep it up good luck!

Medha Bhatt says:


Alexandra Costa says:

congrats, 100 k subs. great job

maha pakhand says:

Dear jake..u say everything is energy…can we increase height with this…..pls make a spl video on it

Jennifer Piggott says:

Thanks Jake.

SMITHA V says:

Good morning jake

until when says:

Bro I have a question I am arabic my language is arabic does the hypnosis would be stronger if it was in my language .. or would it be great if pregrammed in english talking .. peace

Marisol Martinez says:

thank you for always delivering the right message at the right time!

Tracey Airs says:

You explained this so much better then me , so i have shared on my FB , thank you Jake for being you ?

sherl Campbell says:

Thanks Jake?

Bab bon says:

I'm going to live forever , today

Nicholas De Smet says:

Let’s dive right in .

beamerball4420 says:

Kevin Trudeau talks about thoughts beings things in his natural cures book

Talles Gabriel says:

Happy new year Jake!

Harini Harinisiva says:

Your amazing ? thank u so much ?

Tanvir Amin says:

Jake what is subliminal?Is it good or bad?

Thee Bunny says:

this is so true I've lived in depression for years and I knew my brain was controlling my emotional state but I couldn't come out of depression because of the pain I endured.. it took alot of years for me to come out of depression it's not easy to convince your brain that your happy

Elite Fitness With Steve says:

Great job in explaining content Jake!!

Missanna09 says:

Thanks jake❤️

Always Anne says:

Brilliant job at explaining Jake!

Slim LP says:

Thanks bro. I appreciate this message

Zoe Coleman says:

thanks, jake

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