THIS Will PROGRAM Your BRAIN to MANIFEST What You Want! Law Of Attraction (Eye Opening Video!)

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Your Youniverse says:

✅Recommended Video: Hidden Knowledge is Within You! (Awakening Higher Consciousness) ➡

Javier Luna says:

This is great advice! In addition for those that have or are in the process of awakening to a higher conciousness . Know that another great time to do this is when the Universe is showing you sycnchronicoties. It's already telling you that you're on the right path which psychologically keeps you from thinking of the past . It keeps in focused on your future with excitement so keep the picture vivid with detail ❤?‍♂️???

Lovedontel J says:

Great advice! I will work on practicing this every day. ? Thank you for sharing.?

Drifting Dwarf says:

Music is too distracting.

Lilian Flynn says:

Thank you
Now I've just got to get my head round it

Ann Pane says:

Principle behind why Feng Shui works, creating a future environment, to draw you into your desired future reality.

Chris Carter says:


Pruthvi Gohil says:

1:33 There is no way to get out in that puzzle ??

mcnyte7 says:

So you have to tie up your shoes and what?

Joanna Ziora says:

?? Thank you

Magicalindigo Adult says:

What image am I going to attach to money?

Lukas says:

Insightful video thank you. When you're vizualising and/or practicing affirmations are you supposed to think in terms of "I am rich" or "I'll become rich" if you wish to attracts wealth, I've heard the former (with present tense) is true. Why is that so and how could you possible convince your mind of having something that you don't have in reality? Wouldn't that just cause an internal mental conflict which would hinder your procces by creating doubts, disbelief etc (negative thoughts) since you haven't aquiered it yet as mentioned? Thanks in advance, I also subscribed!

Benjamin Lion 777 says:

This is amazing thank you ?

Lightworker Monica says:

Love this technique!!! ??✌️??

Guy says:

Thank you thank you thank you

Cal7333 says:

Thank you Jessica as always. I always look forward to your videos family ?

Allan Johnson says:

This is a nice way to reprogram the subconscious. But there is a more effective way . Remember the subconsciousness creates the hologram of the outside landscape that you perceive. Your five senses can then interpret your reality . This is what the subconscious part of the brain is doing 95 percent of the time. Placing only 5 percent of who you are within the frontal lobes ( neocortex) this is your consciousness, your spirit. Best solution – play affirmations while you sleep. Once the mind goes into theta – you then reprogram the subconscious which will show up in your reality then you can do all your gratitude, thank the universe stuff to reinforce your creation . Remember we are all GODS in training. Welcome to planet earth.

Caroli Brad says:

I love your channel! It's simply the best.

Diana Guzman says:

Definitely trying it while I tie my shoes in the morning


I truly enjoy all the great information and inspiration you post!!?Thank you so much for always having something positive on your channel along with great tools to apply to our everyday expansion!?????

A Girl Has No Name says:


Mk Dude says:

Great information thank you

Nessa R says:

Very amazing and informative. Thank you so much. ???

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