This SIMPLE Cycle Changes EVERYTHING in Your Life (Law of Attraction Secret)

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Clark Kegley - Refusing to Settle says:

Yo yo yo! Miss an episode we put out recently? Here's an awesome playlist for ya. Binge-watch like your fav netflix show:

Jimmy McJitsu says:

Waking up early and having a morning routine

bob budda says:

The art to motion is where your mind concentrates on …so wim Hoff breathing 3 minutes 3 minutes qi gong tapping and stretch while reciting positive affirmations after writing down your favourites…first in the morning then at night…I AM WORTH IT if I don't do it no one will do it for me …answer to being stuck on something return to it and see it in a different light …God bless my people…..

Kevin Abdiel says:

I wanna get richer but I don't know how? That bothers me in the night.

Rebecca Atlantis says:

Refusing to settle 🤟🤟yesss love this!!

VigilAntiks says:

Planning is my quicksand, you're right for my business to work I need clients, to get clients I need to go find them, but I'm not confident about it so I go back to more planning :[

Jarkko Viinamäki says:

Thank for Clark for all the amazing content you are producing on YouTube! The personal development & entrepreneurship track is definitely a good choice! This was especially a great eye-opening video right here. Visualizations are great! Keep it up! You never know who you are inspiring.

Dawn Faulkner says:

Again, the visual you did makes this so much more comprehendable. I've listened to everyone about the "gap" and I can "own this" concept now and make it apart of me, knowing when I'm off and how to get back on track quicker. Awesome!

Byblos el says:

I love this video .. thank you Clark… on my way swimming in the gap🏊🏊😅😅… i found something today i'd like to share with you guys, whenever you have a negative thought immediately replace it with "3" positive thoughts, it works, i think i start controling my thoughts today.

Elliot Elliott says:

💡💡💡 "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate…..Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure….." ~ ~Marianne Williamson 💡💡💡
For me the one simple thing I am going to do is stop being fearful of success.

J q u says:

Congrats on the new studio. Looking good!

The GR8-1 says:

00:05 nice to see you progress with the undeniable content you are sharing with us. Team refusing to settle!

Asma Jan says:

What to do if you don't know what action to take, in order to close the gap?

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