THIS is The SECRET To Creating Law Of Attraction AFFIRMATIONS That REALLY Work! (Use THIS!)

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Your Youniverse says:

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Jeffrey Pajarillo says:

So wonderful Jessica!

damien says:

Fuck u bloody losers playing with people's emotions

Pam Buzz22 says:

Dear Jessica,
Wow, you're the best creators, on creations for Law of Attractions. I love that, very much.
Your creations very much greatfull and appreciated.

Love and lights with gratitude Amen ??? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ??????????????

Dianna Diatz says:

Thank you for this important video. I always enjoy listening to your voice.
Have a wonderful week!
Best wishes, Dianna

Dani says:

"From this day forward, ____" really works! I had enough of my situation so I decided I'd try saying it every day. I noticed things started improving shortly after!

danita powell says:

My minds eye see the ski as a huge screen where every being has no choice but to listen and watch your videos! ❤

Mary Mitchell says:

Wow. Makes perfect sense

Oscar M bazar says:


Maxine Woolston says:

Thank you very much ??

Carina Cruz says:

Awesome!!! Thanks

Gerard Sanford says:

I made it 666 likes before I started watching just to play the hero ?

bigfoot6869 sasquatch says:

Cool stuff.

Dawn Tripp says:

Jessica your videos are inspiring. Can you create an affirmation regarding physical healing? Or do you have a video focused on healing I can watch?

Vilasprabha Jadhav says:

Thank you so much … ???

Dan Smith says:

Your youniverse and Jessica are my inspirational videos love them so so much cause they really get the depth of fast manifestation the way it should be
Peace love Namaste

Himanshu Arora says:

Wonderful step by step guidance… simply love your videos.. thanks a tonne !!!!

Christina Pereira says:

Thank you for this ❤

Kathy Villa says:

Its the subconscious mind that we need to convince that we are wealthy, happy, loved, smart etc etc. If the subconscious mind doesn't believe that then the conscious mind tells us different.

Woke up feelin real dangerous says:

Can anyone come up with a past, present and future truth affirmation for getting an ex back?

ind09 kumar says:

again wonderful video .thank you so much

mamamooiste25 says:

Amazing, Thank u so much?

Susan says:

I have watched videos and read many books on LOA. I have no doubt that if you think positive thoughts you get positivity coming back. If you think negative you get negative. You can see this happening to people in every day life. However, if I turn this on its head and say a perfectly healthy person wants to die, but they are still eating and drinking. Their subconscious also affirms they want to die. They are in the vortex, so does the universe conspire to arrange a car crash or they get run over? As the Universe, God, Source or whatever you want to call it is supposed to love everybody then why would they carry out this manifestation. This IS what the LOA is saying, so if you reverse this that negative thoughts manifest negative things why would you die. The fact is you wouldn't! Anybody explan this scenario, then I may be more convinced this actually works because most of the success stories I've read are either celebrities who already have lots of money or small manifestations that are actually coincidences! Personally I'm a happy person, living a good life, but the majority of people who study LoA never achieve it, especially for large manifestations because to convince yourself that you already have what you want and to 100% believe it is almost an impossibility because that little voice in your head will say, nah, this is not going to happen, however hard you try to stop it!

Maxus Maximus says:

What about health?

You Already Know says:

Hello Everyone, your affirmations will manifest quicker, once you relieve negative energy. The negative energy or vibrations actually block the good. That is why to forgive the people that has harmed us or continue to do so, as in a supervisor. Say to yourself, I forgive those that hurt me, ( mentally, emotionally, etc). Be consistent though. You need to re wire your brain to limit any and all negativity. Once you have a clear pathway, you will manifest. Be specific with your affirmations. People forget that and end unhappy when they manifest. Resulting in that blockage to reappear. Know thy self… peace and profound to you!!

the critter says:

Thank you, this lifted my vibe, namaste???

Ray Julian says:

Excellent material. Thank you very much! Your videos help out a lot.

bbm bbm says:

awesome and helpful video! thank you ❤️

Gooca says:

helps me as a content creator, love your work!

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