The Universe Creates What Your Mind Expects (Law of Attraction!) Powerful!

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r rad says:

I need som G.A.P

Eumi Eumi says:

the title more the video not so much is actually a reflection of what i thought since yesterday.. basicly all possibilitys exist in this very moment, it can for example happen that a meteroid, unseen by all the machines in the sky, falls in my garden i sell it and get rich. I could be kidnapped while i sleep by whatever, that transplants my head on another body, erases my memory and change my papers and i wake up in a completely different house and think i fallen out of bed on a bad place on my head and lost my memory. basicly everything can happen right now and by thinking the day tommorow is very similar to today, i am taking away the endless possibilities that are there and dont let the universe place to suprise me with whatever miracles it wanna bring. =P i think thats why my life is kinda lame and no miracles happen because i have a fixed idea how my days have do look and dont open my mind to the fact that everything is possible. But i try now ^^

fulltimegeek says:

Does anyone know if Ralph Smart is on STEEMIT or D (dot) TUBE ???

neel sheth says:

U made me cry mahn

Jonathan Farwell says:

I find it funny that you use color correction to give yourself a shade of purple

Nancy Boline says:

I heard this at 2:22 a.m. PST. It's perfect.

vadorstyle says:

New music New thumbnail design that's wonderful

goldengurl10 says:

Did we manifest Adolf and Trump?! The krazy Neighbor over here,who keeps thinking I want her Husband…dude aint my type not looking for Him!..But I still get the looks could kill Stares lol.. Sorry Ralph I ain't buying this Shish..But thanks for sharing

warmaxxx says:

but ralph the universe doesn't understand language

Steven Hill says:

111 comments!! HAHA! Question…..anyone ever listen to a song and you're quietly thinking to yourself, "when my favorite part plays, I hope someone doesn't interrupt me" and everyone is quiet UNTIL it gets to your fave part and someone makes a noise or starts talking!!??! Or when you're watching a movie and your fave part is coming and you think the same thing and out of nowhere…there's a distraction. Ralph, could I actually be ATTRACTING this to happen!!??! The Universe does create what your mind expects. Anyone else experience this? lol

FantageFun4fr says:

The comment after 111.

Triztan 883 says:

But sometimes it doesn't happen that way,some things and some people can turn to be the opposite of what you expect,..i don't mean to be negative, it's just based on my experiences in life and others' experiences too, is full of uncertainties,we just have to get a good control of our lives.

I Am TheDeprogramedTempeler a student of law says:

Thanks Ralph appreciate you Brother ,Have a Beautiful Day


Second time you saved me… Thanks again!

Oskar Lucky says:

Stop saying what ralph is saying. You all have the power he has. But still Ralph you are great and so is your wisdom 🙂

KJ Mammy says:

My Mind expects good food always ?

Rosa Ibarra says:

Thumbs Up Baby Baby !!! ???????

pinkbeam says:

Does this apply to yourself as well?

Mavis Poontang Purdue says:

Very funny !! ☔️✍

Twa King says:

….What you just said…kind of having a witch and an engel in our minds.-better to listen to the angel and ignored the negative stroies from the witch. Loads of Blessings!!!!!!

kilsgb says:

Ralph the things you say usually make alot of sense but im gonna have to straight call you out on this bullshit! Pardon me for swearing Ralph but i just lost a relationship with a girl that i really liked (9 months deep). But she had alot of personal issues due to a combination of unfortunate events and bad people that had tainted her and her life. She has alot of negative energy within because of that.

Now i ignored what people said about her and i listened to myself! People said that i should drop her to protect myself (which unfortunately i did end up doing). And even though she definitely had alot of good traits and was even learning from her mistakes (as was i) i still dumped her because i just couldnt take it anymore; the bads and annoying things strongly overweighed the positives. Every 2 weeks or so there would be a dispute, a standstill or argument which made it even worse and unbearable at times! So what the hell is it exactly that you are talking about?!

Please Ralph give me an answer, i've been watching your videos for years now… i need help on this.

Ali Zaidi says:

Thank you brother

Apie Ma says:

I have no expectation when I first meet someone. ? people always reveal their true self with time ???

Winnie Winkles says:

What if you're in a nest of narcissists?

Norma Cuevas says:

Omg!!!! What a good vibes!!! Lots of beautiful and good energy ? thank you Ralph ??

Konstantin Grandl says:

These eyes are red. 3:05

Ray Corlux says:

Thank You 🙂 Infinite Love & Value to all

Nicholas Vasilopoulos says:

Thank you for this video.

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