The Truth About LETTING GO & the WAITING PERIOD with Law of Attraction

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Caleb Miller says:

Focus on timing? As in it'll happen when it's meant to happen? Can anyone elaborate?

Lyham Road says:

Great video you too! Love ? this! Watching it again. Suja x

Antigone Imexplode says:

You are making me anxious instead of relaxed for some reason.

Alondra Elizabeth says:

I needed this so much today. Thank you guys. ?

Maria’s Manifesto says:

I remember when I would limit myself (this will happen in this room, at this time, with these people present) things wouldn’t occur for me, when I was manifesting a person. I decided to stop doing that, and the next day that person came into my life. I created a block for myself asking for a relationship, we landed in a friendship that burned out bc of my expectations, but that experience taught me a lot about LoA.

Devine Godis says:

Are you guys dating?

11 11 says:

Every vibretion is difrent dimention we are chousing the dimention dependin on how we feel

11 11 says:

Time vibrates and planet vibrates and evrything is now

Cynthia Hoffman says:

Looove you guyyys! Have a wonderful weekend! ?

Cynthia Hoffman says:

Looove you guyyys! Have a wonderful weekend! ?

Malorie Franco says:

Your job is to raise your vibration ♥️♥️♥️

Sincerely, Tesh says:

Simply knowing my manifestation is coming keeps me in high vibes

Sincerely, Tesh says:

I love how leeor says "Sunthing" instead of "Something" it's so satisfying ??? I'm weird lol

Marlyn Del Rio says:


Jac Jac Jacqui says:

I love how you guys are so passionate about what you are saying but also very supportive of each other saying it without interrupting, just pure love and support. Keep doing what you do! ❤️

kimkimkimkimmie' says:

Changing the energy is hard but necessary! Great viddy and awesome energy!♥️✨??

Ella Bruun says:

this was exactly what i needed

Marina Bodrick says:

Can i ask you how you tapped in your happiness? I'm visualiting but i still feel i can do more. What is the best way? I'm so curious

Margarita Samokovlieva says:

I like the way Aaron watches you ??

Emmanuel Akitoye says:

You guys would make a beautiful baby ❤️

Samruddhi Ingale says:

Thanks a lot for this video…. I am trying to manifest a job and I realised that I am doing it wrong….. Thanks for this clarification.. ❤

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