The Secret to Unlimited Manifesting and Law of Attraction (loa) Power with Landria Onkka

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Jason Bourne says:

for only 29.95

Roxana Jones says:

Without a doubt, this was one of your most powerful videos, Landria. Love and gratitude ????????✨


At da moment I am very much down, sad, depressed and very very low and full of anxiety. I feel like I lost my power and unable to manifest.
Can someone reply with little advice plz

Dornröschen 1001 says:

I have tears in my eyes. You make me understand I am NOW allowed to be happy and dream big and believe. I am not naive. I am allowed to dream biiiiiig. Love you so much.

Elizabeth French says:

You Know, and you are doing everything to let us know. I am 100% with you. And always think of manifesting for the planet as well as myself. Love as always to you and everyone. Namaste ????????????

thegreat alex says:

Thank you so much Landria.. powerful message as always.. and very easy to comprehend..????????????????

Real Housewives of Tarot says:

Good morning, Landria! ❤❤❤ Blessings to you! ???? Thank you for the awesome vid today!

Cashmoney Rye says:

Thanks for the video , your amazing & you say it to make us understand even when we think we understand things but even better , Im forever grateful for you ! ❤️

Mazal Benamor says:

I understand what you’re saying but it’s really hard to do when you’re a victim of something

Mazal Benamor says:

What about serial killers and murderers

Tracy Stamatakis says:

Unlimited power!!!

juan pedro zaldivar says:

Great video landria…. thank you for this one, real true…. ???????????????? great words queen

Karen Alsbury says:

Morning lovely lady…I have learned SO much in just one month. I always thought to myself…what am I missing about the Law of Attraction? YOU make it clearer and clearer with every video. I never knew how many times a day I judge people…now many times I can catch myself before judging and say "I am you and you are me…we are the same". THANK YOU LANDRIA…

B Floss says:

Powerful stuff.????????????❤

Michèle Willard says:

Thank you , thank you Landria, for being so inspirational. I so needed to hear this today. My fear of my boss, has actually manifested me twisting my ankle so badly, I now can’t walk, and I can’t get to work! Now that’s powerful, and you have reminded me to be careful of my thoughts! Much love. xx

oluborode ifeoluwapo says:

I believe you.

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