The SECRET to Think and Grow Rich REVEALED – The Legacy Begins

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I Dare to learn says:

Tysm sir for such a valuable knowledge I am really grateful to have such a mentor in my life.

Manta Andi says:

Do you believe in life after death?

Carmen Dumitrescu says:

I am so happy and greatful for Mr Bob being my mentor! ????….hello from Romania!

yshk viswanatham says:

Your energy gives if it is storage in your body. You can read concentration on your subjects hours together parents help doing without any pain excited writing ability 6-8 hours you can easily writing capacity must increasing. In every class you are good results produced the required higheir education you can achieve it easily energy means how gain below 22years can do regularly take food and drink water time to time then you will gain energy if in your body energy in storage then your marriage is also doing in positively with your wife you can enjoyable life this is also energy base only .this is practically proved it self why not ask what is good in you. Business short term and long term hard weare all these created life leading programs . Human born age growing in15 years some education going 25 years no higher education 30 years life depend on parents your life demaged by you only spoil your life life has no value it is not life .it is no value Lazziness developed you are more burden to your parents. Human born do time to time study time to marriage after 30 years marriages leads to no children. If your wife age 20-25 years it has more fertility power in her body if age in advanced the power will be reduced then you will contact the doctor investigates on your body give where mistakes both are causes wife and huband husband 36 years then his seaman count will be reduced yourself .it leads to your wife not confirm the pregency then in your contract system do other work change your wife it is common in your country change wife your agev36 years you have no children then you change it wife must age below 25 years there may be possible to created. Then you may be get your children . Yshk viswanatham MscBed.

Jaycee Lauron says:

I am Filipino, I am 23 years old. I don't have job, all of my resume got rejected by banks and other companies, I have small business that not earning but losing which leads me in debt. I don't really understand life. After a years of wondering, I finally found this information. I knew it, there is a Bad Paradigm from my grandfather and father that has been passed on me and being programmed from the start of my life. I'm so Happy and Grateful to have you Bob Proctor as my mentor . I will alter this paradigm. I will spent my whole life studying this information. I made a decision, to be a billionaire, to enrich others and to share this great information. Thank you GOD . Thank you Bob Proctor. Thank you Napoleon Hill . Thank you UNIVERSE. 🙂

Alex L.A. says:

Greatest teacher i’ve ever had! ❤️

Fran C. says:

Thank you, Bob. Again, it appeared exactly when I needed it.

Genesispersonaltransformation says:

It's morphin time, Activate the tigetzord, I coming Bob Proctor.

olivia alnader says:


Pretty Jain says:

Hi from india

nitin ghuge says:

I am grateful to universe that it send me Bob Proctor in my life, when he come my health, emotions, thought everything start changing

y.n. k says:

You are my role model…..think and act like the person you wanna become

Himanshu Arora says:

I got the secret. Thanks a lot….
See you soon.

Sara says:

So much good knowledge I’m astonished

Marat Bakhtygerey says:

Start watching from 20:00

Adriana C says:

PLEASE NO MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is distractive !!! It interrupts the talk

rocknroller says:

So what is the secret???

3duardo G. says:

I’m so grateful to receive this material. Definitely going to listen to this everyday!

Yohana Putri says:

Grateful that i know you from someone special. Forever grateful for your shared knowledge. you are amazing !

Serpentaria says:

With this philosophy, I wonder if we’ll unlock the secrets Nikola Tesla knew or Edward Leedskalnin (guy who built coral castle) knew? Maybe someone out there has already? As always, thank you Mr. Proctor for these life changing lessons 🙂

Melesia Brown says:

My very wise mentor

Ndamulelo Ndou says:

I've been waiting for this…

Good Vibes says:

I love to watch this video since helps alot for me to improve myself and had a motivation to getting rich..kindly watch my videos and subscribe to give you good vibes to this link

kondaveeti chinnarao says:

Excellent to forget everything the fake religious people have taught in the past and in present and take Bob(HILL) the real scientific preacher for the present and future!!! All are talking about poverty and nobody ever taught to get out of it!!!

Dwight Jones says:

Thank you Bob. Im always grateful for your teachings. Thank you. I hope you read this.

T Bundy says:

I have waited for another long bob proctor video to listen to at work to keep me moving and motivated to change my paradigms. It really helps I want to personally thank the man.

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