THE SECRET To The Law of Attraction NO ONE TELLS YOU

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Jake Ducey says:

Hey Everyone! Here is the free success hypnosis that I mentioned in the video. You can get it here ► ►
✅And Here is the 2nd Mind Neuroprogrammer You Can Demo For Free! ► ►

Nicola Taylor says:

Always inspires ..always changes lives..thank you for following your thoughts to help us follow our thoughts ❣❣

Shiro Ai says:

Thank you Jake for this inspiring video! Blessings to everyone!

Ron Gray says:

What does money have to do with successful thought process and being connected to a higher power in this realm?

ekky vincent says:

what is it about me that always floats me to the top and makes me the sweetest honey ever? I am the creme de la creme I am a divine spirit. I am stoked.

ekky vincent says:

Say yes to what God wants you to be and has asked you to become and everything will be good. Abundance is your birthright. Consciousness is my friend. My life is an epic journey. Who would I be without that thought that says I'm unlovable? I am success, I am happiness, I am Abundance, I am happy, I am thankful. I don't need to know how I just say yes and all the beautiful is attracted back to me.

ekky vincent says:

When I said yes, all the perfect situations and people got attracted me. I am a happy spiritual international multi-millionairess. Psalm 18:44: As soon as they heard of me, they subjected themselves to me. Nations bowed to me.

Nat Monvoisin says:

I am a divine being ??❤

Nat Monvoisin says:

Abundance is the life you're meant to have… who would you be without those thoughts?

Nat Monvoisin says:

I'm a spiritual being in a physical body ❤??

Nat Monvoisin says:

Who would I be without that thought? ??❤

Nat Monvoisin says:

God is always on my side ❤??

Nat Monvoisin says:

Ego lives from the past….
I am an individualistion of God ??❤

Zoey Phoon says:

I am a divine being ?

Theresa Williams says:

I am a divine being. I fell lost right now , this to shall past.

Happy Mouth says:

I need help I'm being bombarded with harassment and fraud, nothing is working to stop it

kateincanada says:

Who would I be without that thought

kateincanada says:

I am a divine being

carl scicchitano says:

I'm a Devine being? the rest of my life is the best of my life

Ocean Epic says:

Great content today! You provide an amazing value to your subscribers! Thanks

Lizzie D says:

I am a Divine being in Dubai says:

Jake! Who would we be without your message in such a beautiful way delivered from God! Be blessed my dear. Rest assured I SPREAD your videos everywhere!

Sudeep K says:

Thank You Jake, I really needed this video today morning, it really helped. Peace and Blessings

Miranda Mitchell says:


Miranda Mitchell says:


guru moorthy AK says:

Who would I be with out that thought

Kimberly Borst says:

This is my favorite video yet! Thank you thank you thank you, Jake!

Kaustubh Thakare says:

I am a devine being ???

will emery says:

One of your best teachings. Thank you for sharing your light?

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