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Monica Lutchman says:

Veronica can I say that we are together now and forever….
Or leave out the forever

María José Vargas says:

Hi Jo, this is my situation. I had a family member who was dying and I tried to manifest her recovery but I failed, she got better but then she got worse. I don't know what happened, was that even possible in the first place? I am so disappointed

Farah Soliman says:

The key to manifest is to want it so bad… and actually you can have some anxiety too. Its ok to have anxiety. But the focus should and I REPEAT SHOULD be imagining yourself having what u wish for .. imagine what you will be doing after you get what you want. Belive me guys i manifested 1/4 million dollars…. dont ask how !!! I got it !!

WWE GURU says:

Hey guys .. i have been trying to manifest a text from a girl .. but i always fail and i am the one most of the time texting her first . Can you all help me out with this problem.

no life says:

At the right time. Thank you <3

sally scott says:

What if the specific person is engaged to someone else?

Monica Lutchman says:

I love your videos
Love you to❤

Water Fire says:

Can anyone help me by answering this?I want to know that does forgiving your ex creates more possibilities to reconcile with him during manifesting your ex. I tried affirmation today and after few hours I literately cried like crazy as everything which happened in the past came in front of my eyes.
I’m confused if forgiveness or letting go will reduce the chances of his comeback ? (Please don’t mind if you find my English weird)

Pam Ortt says:

I love your videos ❤️❤️

Nabanita Das says:

Thank you for posting such videos. Love you❤

lexy lex says:

I am so grateful you post videos so frequently, it's really helpful. 💜

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