The Secret to Attract Love Fast | Law of Attraction ft. Love Guru Preston Smiles [MUST WATCH!!]

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redsummerwings says:

Thank you for collaborating! This was so powerful ??

Yvette Fernandes says:

Happy Birthday Eric!?

Ms.Dchel says:

I could barely sit still watching this video! The energy is so high, thank you

Free spirit says:

Happy Birthday Eric! Wish a lot of a lot of happiness, love, health, prosperity, success, light! Thank you so much for all that you are doing! I found you during so tough period of my life and now I’m totally different person, my life is going so great now! I’m so grateful so much for it! Sending love from Russia

Gelila ayalew says:

happy birthday Eric from Ethiopia ??

Tara Hanratty says:

He is so right, so grateful to you for shining ur light thru example

rebecca roberts says:

We cannot have what we want
But we may experience what we have

Francesco Stangoni says:

Happy birthday Eric?

Earthlings says:

I attracted my Partner just like this !!

Jan 143 says:

Man I felt that high positive energy from you two!! I was so excited and hyped up just watching you too. I was like YES!! Thank for sharing the love and wisdom.

Michael Dawodu says:

Quick question when we go on these dating apps now and days , is that "searching out of lack " or boredom

Michael Dawodu says:

Happy birthday ericcc

Asexualise My Asexual Life says:

Happy Birthday Eric, keep shining your light. Lovely to see the love between you two soul brothers. Xx

Michael Dawodu says:

Ayeeee Preston

Jez Sadler says:

Happy Birthday Eric! Great interview with Preston. Self-Love is so important and I reckon many don't or won't, because they think it's being narcissistic yet, in the Scriptures, the Great Teacher says we should love others as we love ourselves. How can we love others, or attract that True Love/Soulmate, if we are unable to love ourselves? ?

blinddatereject says:

dude. thanks for introducing me to preston!

Francesco Stangoni says:

I really love what you boyh are saying. I'm understanding for the first time in my life what you are saying. I'm understanding for the first time what I'am. I can feel what you are saying in this video not only understanding❤and I'm soo happy but at the same time I'm soo scared ? and I know that I need to align myself I need to believe it in my self and I need to believe in the univers(god, energy…) I'm understanding that is like that that faith grow, I may have all wrong but I have faith❤and I can't stop now I want to move forward and as you say step by step, no rush.
I love what you do Eric and I love what all the people that are at the same alignment like you are doing.
God bless you inner self (you)❤

Tanaya Das says:

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Eric..? Sending Love & Gratitude from India…Stay Bless.?

Mking says:

Cant understand what he is saying ?

Free spirit says:

Happy birthday!

Arletta’s Kitchen says:

Happy birthday Eric??????????

Diane L says:

Happy Birthday Eric! God Bless and Namaste!????

Merveille Files says:

awww i knew he was pisces! ?

Gordon Thomas says:

Happy birthday Eric! Thanks for all you share.

Gagan Sharma says:

Happy Birthday ? Stay blessed Eric…

Sneha Volvoikar says:

Happy birthday sir… God bless you more and more each day…have a wonderful day and many more ahead..????????It'sbeautiful to see energy of both of you?????

Memsss. says:

Happy Bday Eric Thx for the video another great one

Michelle McD says:

Happy birthday Eric, got to watch this over again it was filled with so much good energy ?

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