The Secret of I AM – A Higher Plane of Consciousness (law of attraction)

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Your Youniverse says:

Recommended Video: Magnetizing What You Want From the Quantum Field

Stella Joseph says:

Absolute truth.

Tanya Kingdom says:

I am awake and I am a strong believer of the I am affirmations, but this is so boring I couldn't listen to the whole thing. I'm just being honest. There was no life in this video as it was being created. So dead. Make the people feel the words you are speaking. Make them feel the I AM in your voice.

Midnite Chocolate says:

Thank you. I have been grasping the message for awhile now. Since I was about 12 or 13. Im becoming pure. I put my blood up often. I gain knowledge every day. This is a big piece to the puzzle of life. Fully dropping the ego. Walking, talking, as if we are protectors of the universe, which most are! We are ex-clay-mating ourselves. Exodus(exit-dust) 20/20. Year 2020, the veil (I/eye/ego) will be lifted. The truth will shine. This plane of causation has been dark for eons. It has been heralded by the beings of the other dimensions. Most don't think that we can accomplish what we've set out. But it's already written. Love is the key! Love will win! We have to love, fully embrace our enemy! Why have fear?!! I do not see dual!!! Why can't everything be one!? Why can't it all be beautiful? I respect the universal laws but it's how YOU see it!! I'm of Pleiade, 144,000 and other universal efforts I'm in aware of but as this, I mainly operate through an open heart chakra. I love ANYONE'S energy because I MAKE it harmonious. My enemies are loving me. I give away all my harmonious energy to my enemy and give the disharmonious energy to prime creator as emotional trauma is pure love to them, as was all things created out of, and for love. In return I automatically gain harmonious energy to balance me back out. You have to love YOU before you can love anything, anyone because you are the universe!!! I heal through my voice. People are scared of me because I'm so spiritually connected to all. All eyes are literally on me. My voice is so deep I sound like a demon but it resonates so loud. But real recognize real. I attract women's heart at first glance and it's amazing. Even my family, but it's ok! When you are real with yourself, treat your body right, treat your devine side right, you'll be eternally transported to ecstacy. All things become possible. Sight on this plane isn't even one percent of the miss-story. Keep those frequencies high kind souls and stay pure

I AM HERE says:

We both need treatment for trauma bonding together I will.

Luna Tech Design says:

Blessed be!

BrothaAshyknees says:

I doesn't recognize evil but ignorance

BrothaAshyknees says:

The Spirt a nebulous hypothetical something of which he has a hazy idea and no consciousness – best description of our current assumption of spirit I've seen

Jason King says:

Is it ok to share these videos with your grown-up kids?

Giulia Larrew says:

Wow. Simply wow. and THANK YOU! the best of the best……thank you!!!💚💚💚💚💚💚

Clark Brolly says:

Wonderful. When the subliminal words are reversed they will enter the sub conscious directly. Sub conscious will recognize the words. I guess a type of sigil.

I will share this. When light is removed from space it is totally dark. That darkness is the source of space. Space is Spirit. Our Father is the source of spirit. Greater than all. You can understand spirit. But you will never understand our Father. All you can know is that He Is. The sense of I Am is the essense of the Father. Spirit contains His essense. There is no separation. Yet the paradox is the Father transcends any manifestation of Himself.

Michael Miller says:

I Am Complete. You Are the All. Namaste.

Wesley Medders says:

I love who I am

Jeffrey Albin says:

Meditation music

Jemel Anderson says:

I was asleep now iam seeing iam much much more

joni oliver says:

read Alfred Aiken and learn more of this principle.

Rebecca Lauren says:

William, I love your voice and it is the only voice that causes me to really listen and understand. Great speaking voice.

Zeus Neutrino says:

Amazing. Nothing but the truth.

Busa Busa says:

Thank you so much

Dan Lyson says:

My son is away at college, I sent this message to him, for if I was there physically , I would teach him these truths, he has received and learned these teachings intuitively his whole life, for his father lives the philosophy naturally. Thank you for gifting me tools that I may pass to my son afar.

Nesrine Kelly says:

I love you ❤️
Thank you!

Waiting for my glow up says:

I am beautiful

Giulia Larrew says:

Thank you, thank you….absolute pure truth reminders……perfectly stated, and explained; one of the most perfect videos on this topic ever…….thank you thank you….

Didine Anatol says:

Powerful! I want to thank the conscious community for shining light in darkness, thank you! The God in me recognizes the God in you…Hotep!



god channelled says:

I am all that is was or ever will be..god

Giulia Larrew says:

Best video on you tube….thank you for sharing….

Chad Thiessen says:

comment 39 the day i was going to burn myself in a tire fire with a pistol wired around my neck because thats what my inner voice said i needed to do and i have been chasing the right thing to do every second since. i will never give up ever and you guys get behind guru, i would give anything to go hang out with him again.

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