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Iyke Chikwendu says:

This, in my opinion, is the most precise, simple and yet apt video I've watched so far on this subject.

Only If it went further. Cos obviously there's more to the secret.

Please Can you share a link where you finished the video?

Awesome video Thanks.

Yasmine Ware says:

Hello there, I want to know if Mofedest Miracle, will really work for me? I see lots of people keep on speaking about this popular personal development techniques that designed by popular motivator.

sam jennings says:

Do natural popular law of attraction program that created by popular motivator like Mofedest Miracle really work and if so, how effective are they? I have noticed many amazing things about this popular manifesting and law of attraction system that created by popular life coach.

Abdala Shuraym says:

The only fear i had in my mind since i was a kid was that i will never able to get Higher level of education. Due to many reasons including financial issues. When ever i got an opportunity my mind used to tell me i won't happen. You won't get it. I won't continue.
In my high school days i had financial issue. I got call from my cousin one night he told me he will pay the fees in my school. At first i felt so relieved . But then without thanking him i asked him what if you won't continue it ?. What if you suddenly disappear?. What if you stop paying it?. And so many worried questions. I kept having that negative thought, fear& Worries in my mind . Every day i felt he gonna apondon me. almost 2 years. Till suddenly it came through . He disappeared. And i left school for work..

Perogsi Latoreacci says:

Iooks are important as sexual positions, exactly 497 sexual positions , hey lost her number but not her herpes , number #331 ,of 269 the secret ∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆

Latos says:

The formal thinking is " i want to have … " Or thinking that you already have it?

Richard Brook says:

Why should I take you assessment as true?

Emilio Alvarez says:

The universe was created and so was I. Thank you for sharing your knowledge wisdom and understandings.

Adam Barahoev says:

ehhm… no its a bunch of Bull.. do not forget Ronda the autor of the "Secret" made a bunch of money out of it. Im sorry but it does not work that way. Your thouths ain´t worth sh… if you dont put efford and activity to achieve what ever.
The only magic you have is work.

James155 says:

????????????so this is some of the shit in the bible but people under this new religion will tell u don't believe it

John Hutchinson says:

"I've been on the 90 day course for a few months now and am really noticing some amazing changes in myself. I feel healthier, I got a promotion at work, I've started developing my online business plans that I've had for years… and so much more! Thanks Jafree. Please keep the inspiration coming. Best regards. ~Jeremy Gard, Brisbane, Australia“In all my many years of professional work I have never read anything that touches my heart as much as your articles, your Enlightened Messages [ Check Details In My Channel ].

にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien says:

I got a Bend Reality ad lmao

By the way if this shit is true then delusional people with obsession would be the richest person in the world, and not someone that own a company or creator of a software that is used by billions of people

Kostas Pm says:

Its true what the Guru says. I am the alive Example. You must focus to what you want. Someone Upthere is listening. From my early age i was admiring the Invisible Man. I wanted to be like the Invisible Man. And I trully did it !!! Now when i am speaking nobody's listening cause they cant see me. Even the waiter when im asking for coffee.

simon kuruvilla says:

Wow its amazing

Hip Hop Tv says:

What u think happens.

Happy Lady says:

I strongly believe in the law of attraction ????

Forhad Bepari says:

Has anyone tried Fivmanifest System? (do a search on google) We've noticed several awesome things about this popular personal development course that designed by famous life coach.

Mr. Blunt says:

There’s a lot of Modefest miracles spam in these comments…

Kostina Trnava says:

If you are interested in attraction the greatest results that ive ever had was with the Hartlyn Magic Plan (just google it) definately the most incredible website that I have ever tried.

Helga Johnson says:

What is Mofedest Miracle and how does it work? I hear many individuals discover making a difference in their quality life with this popular law of attraction course that created by famous motivator.

Guillermo G. says:

I must have watched 100 videos about LOA, and I gotta say that this is the most concise and straight forward I've came across. I absolutely believe in this, as it was because of my constant fear of my girlfriend leaving me that she eventualy did, and because of this fear, all the time, I was feeling that I had already lost her… Just to give the most notorious example.

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