The REAL Secret Unleashed: #1 The Law of Attraction They DON'T Tell You About | Manifest FASTER

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Vivian F says:

Hi from Brazil! ???

ind09 kumar says:

thank you ashley ….wonderful video

Alyzeh Khan says:

Do a video about success in exams when you're so demotivated.

oksana k says:


Apollo D says:

Now i'm going to watch the new video from Jake haha
He always has a shirt on, usually with flowers haha don't forget to water the flowers Jake haha

Apollo D says:

Thank you so much Ashley

Shonteria Garner says:

Please pray for me lack of have to know its your..ive being praying for 100 million dollars its hard but i keep trying..mind blockages love your videos

Angie Da says:

I am so happy and grateful now that I am moving into my dream home!

Jessie-Jayne Martel says:

Thanks Ashley, I honestly realized that I do know, I mean I don't have doubts that all of this is true and the reason I don't is from watching you and Jake explain the scientific reasons for this and I've been watching Jake a couple of months longer than you because you started your channel after that.
In that time my attitude has changed. Everyday I am thinking more and more positively and when I lose myself I get it right away ,if I feel myself revert back to reactionary mode I simply know what I'm doing . I am aware that I am creating negativity when I do that and I stop.
That's progression and I care about accomplishing the rewiring of my subconscious mind Above All Else probably ,no definitely , more than anything that's ever been in my life… this is something that I know without a doubt will work and I am blessed that I am feeling that way , not having doubts, This isn't metaphysical or paranormal it's neuroscience..
Thank you for that.
I see both of your sincerity when I watch your channels, it's beautiful and you'll never lose it, That's awesome!
You are really helping me and we've never even met =) but you and your husband are two of my favorite people in this world I don't have to meet you to know that.
Thank you for all of your wisdom, advice techniques, and passion. Your so inspiring and sincere and I love you both.
? xoxoxoxo

Anita Mitchell says:

Thank you! I know! ??

David Hardy says:

By the way , NOW stands for No Other Way … N.O.W. !! You can't manifest in the past , the future isn't here yet , the ONLY moment you can manifest in is the NOW !!!

David Hardy says:

We love YOU too , Ashley !! Mahalo nui loa !!

SurelyDivine says:

This video is sooo amazing & such a blessing Ashley!!??Thank you!!!❤️

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