The Real Secret to the Law of Attraction | How to Manifest Your Dream Life | RTW w/ Dr. Elizabeth

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Regina Leasure says:

I would like to take your classes on law of attraction

Black cat play! Pompeii says:

Relentlessly showing up —- when it’s meant to be—it works!

Kaylene Peters says:

I noticed the e-mail the second, and will sign up!

Kaylene Peters says:

Hello, I'd like to participate, but didn't see the e-mail in the description.

Leslie Ledet says:

Simply amazing! Thank you!

Veronica Cabrales says:

Love this Dr. Elizabeth~~ you are amazing!!!

Ana Belen Aguilera says:

Absolutely amazing video and life lesson, dr Elizabeth. Thank you so much. Can't wait to see whats next!!

Chelsea Rabello says:

Thank you for this video. For sometime i thought i had lost connection with this whisper you mentioned. However, on the past few days i had good experiences from being able to listen to intuitions. Once the voice was so clear i even told my mum " i heard a voice in my brain" it was revealing and it was 100% right. I thank God it was revealed to me at the right time. I wonde if i got more connected because i started following BodyBalance and meditation.. and gave myslef more time to stop and relax and listen ?

Pam 000 says:

Amazing story as always Elizabeth… always following my guidance too ?❤ looking forward to the next video xx

Barbara says:

Thank you for this video. I just sent you a message to receive more info on the master class!

Kayla Austin says:

Love this video and the guidance you give us!

Rawnda Lopez says:

Love the story, inspirational

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