The Process Always Works – NEW Abraham Hicks 2019 (LOA)

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Inspired says:

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Flannigan Smiles says:

I've lost all interest, I don't believe anything anyone says anymore, I'm sorry but I need to focus more on my mental health

W.M. MaGustavo says:

When you know what you don't want, you know what you do want. We always seem to get what we don't want, so to get what we do want we need to get into vibrational alignment with abundance, which is the holding place of all that we do want. We can do this by practicing our highest joy, with intent and on purpose. Once we come into alignment, all the desires we truly hold come to be for us on the screen of life. Thank you. Peace!

peter kumeroa says:

Your inner being helps a lot for one to trust. It's awesome…

Abyssinian Girl says:

Wow just wow…I'm baffled by the timing of this. Thank you

Char 1111 says:

I feel like giving up sometimes I'm trying hard to let things go

S B says:

I had my doubts today as I couldn't see things moving. And then let it to the universe to answer and was in a receptive state. 15 mins back. And randomly was checking my YouTube. And here is the answer. Uploaded less than an hour back 🙂

Sinned Cristina says:

Thank you :):):)

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