The Power of Forgiveness | Bob Proctor

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kongu Tamizan says:

Thank u sir….ur great

The Al Kemy Channel says:

It feels good to see bad things happen to bad people… almost better than sex.

Rap Ads Ug - Official Page says:

Very Powerful. Love you Bob.

Holistic Mentality says:

Great video! I added it to my website It is a resource guide on holistic mental health and forgiveness is one of the modalities. This will help a lot of people. 🙂

vacationboyvideos says:

I disagree with they not trying to hurt u…some do!

Muhd Haziq says:

Why you talk too short. I love to hear ur voice n will keep updated

DJTriumph38 says:

Forgiving frees the one that's doing the forgiving.

DJTriumph38 says:

Forgiveness is about letting go.

DJTriumph38 says:

Forgiveness is all about freeing ourselves.

Sterling Lowery says:

Another cool unique one and only Bob Proctor motion picture.

Why does love never forgive? Because it's never offended. 1 Corinthians 13:4-13

The Spirit of since 1998 says:

Thanks for the tool to actually practice a method of forgiving. There is always something new to be learned. I appreciate PGI for helping to redirect thoughts toward the positive and functional nature of creativity.

Sirach306 says:

I hold this man in high esteem

Ella Faith says:

Thank you, Bob! This came to me at just the perfect time. Forgiveness, and exactly for whose benefit it is, was once something I had an extremely difficult time wrapping my mind around. It took so much of my life, a lot of writing, introspection, focus, and patience with myself to feel I am at last gaining full understanding. Now I feel such a burden has been lifted off my shoulders.
I admire you so very much and these little chats from you make me feel like I have a personal confidante helping me through the tough stuff.

donald digal says:

Thank you sir, i forgive those who hurt me before..

Rony Ron says:

Bob, Bob, Bob, you're touching on a deep topic here. Its not easy to forgive someone who hurts you. However, it takes someone to love themselves to forgive others. Let it Go!

Violet Frankson says:

Bob Proctor has energy of a 20 yr. Young person☆ Maybe Bob's secret to staying young & youthful is naturally using & applying the formula of "FORGIVENESS"♡♡♡ The healing to the human SOUL!!♡♡☆☆ Forgiving is a $Rich$ Vibration, it's feeling free & at peace w/Thyself…. Harmony….

Jared Zatvarnicky says:

Bobs the freaking man!

drysilk says:

I have been saying this for a very long time, let IT go. Whom so ever has done you wrong will be relaxing not even thinking about you, while YOU will be letting the wrong eat you up! Thank you Robert.

Rutger Franke says:

Thanks for sharing this. 🙏🏼

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