The One Thing Holding You Back from Success | Law of Attraction

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তৃষ্ণান্তিক চেতনা says:

Eric, you seem EXTRA happy 🙂 hahaha…
Please guide me towards mastering patience and detachment. the state where I "witness" without being attached- how do I get there?
Please Eric.
Shusmita from Bangladesh

maureen kodilinye says:

Watching from Nigeria, I always look forward to your videos.thanks Eric.


Hi Eric, From Suriname. You are so funny, smart, generous and so much more. So of course i subscribed to your channel.
I'm mostly on my phone and can't type in the comments, only when on the laptop. I do take notes though.

Olympia Nik says:

Have a great day! You make my day everyday

Mathilde G says:

I just remember a little story that explains perfectly the law of attraction. It was in my high school in France. Two years before the Baccalauréat, I was in a class where I had problems to socialize and I spent a very bad year. At the end of the year I went to see the Principal to ask me to change of class. Because in my High School they don't change classes between the two last years of HS. The principal told me to write a letter of motivation. I did not. I just thought "let's see what will happen and I will accept my fate". And in September they had changed me to the other class ?
Now I think that it was just the law of attraction. I had this desire. I took the action, which was talking to the Principal. I did not think about it, I did not came crazy with it, I was just ready to be in the other class. Yesterday I realized this and I think I understand the law of attraction. Yesterday, my mind stopped thinking and I realized how much tensed I was

Kevin Pockalnik says:

I hope to meet you one day Eric. My story is unique and time is ticking away.

Laura Antos says:

I recently discovered your channel and I'm enjoying how you teach and share learnings in your videos. I'm new to studying law of attraction and have already started manifesting small things! The biggest challenge is deciding and being clear about my own goals and what I want. Today is my birthday and spending time in meditation. I'm in Chicago and hope you will visit us some day. Maybe in July when the weather is way better! 🙂 Peace

ZuccStain says:

i swear your laugh is bare cute

ZuccStain says:

erich wallah i love you

ZuccStain says:

im coming to see you in LONDON

Lon61night says:

Hey Eric love your channel! I've been wondering if you could make a video about why we cant stop thinking of a specific person/s and how to know whether it could mean something or solve that if is not good.

Ben Pitcher says:

Thank you buddy. I’m new to this channel. I really appreciate you sharing this info. God bless you. ❤️

Kenneth Murphy says:

We need to make it a daily routine and life will give us what we need and asked for

weewee203ohSpecz says:

that looks like the rapper XXXtentacion behind you. The statue holy

weewee203ohSpecz says:

I’m gonna achieve everything i ever want

Twisted4kStudios says:

Thank you again for the video, Eric! These always help reaffirm me. One question, many have said that you only need to visualize something once, then just forget about it for it to manifest. But you say this should be a daily practice. Which is it?

Jez Sadler says:

Being a LOA Teacher myself, I really appreciate your teaching style and content. I'm only getting started with my Channel, so not in your league in that sense, however I've been around Law of Attraction and Self Development for years – decades even – and am still learning and growing. It's also great to see a fellow Brit teaching this fab stuff for a change ?

Nuraika Najmin says:

thank you Eric! ????

Shawna Helton says:

You have helped the law of attraction click on for me. Thanks

David The Alkmist says:

Something about Eric is so genuine, touching, and relatable.

Gabor Csonka says:

hahah every day, is true, learn to make it and learn agien

Gabor Csonka says:

mind ))) haha uncontrol mind

Sanju Tripathy says:

Thanx ERIC for such a caring video..can I manifest contiously different desires (5_6 days) or simultaneously all the things..

Lil jeffy says:

I have a better idea. Read salah , then make dua(prayer/wish) at the end. The salah calms ur mind and the dua is intention for something. Not only u r rewarded with happyness in this life, but also in the next!!! The next life- the REAL life

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