The One Law More Powerful than the Law of Attraction – Rev. Ike's "Overcoming Imagination"

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Always thankhfull for Rev's teachings,especially before I go to sleep. ????

Micheal Maluso Kapoba says:

wooooooooooooo I AM money. I have really being empowered to start living a successful happy life ??? I love Rev Ike's teachings ? life transforming


Namast3!!! F33lings g3ts th3 BL3SSINGS that cannot b3 chang3d… And so it is!!! P3AC3 n BL3SSINGS!!!

Carol Loraine says:

Priceless and Wonderful!!!
Thank you so muchfor sharing this BLESSING!! ?

steve muntalima says:

The law of vibration….the primary law…brilliant..

Brian Wilson says:

So THANKFUL for this! This is very true and I can testify. I’ve been practicing this before I even knew what i was doing and now it’s becoming clearer and easier. From my beautiful wife of 10 years, good health and wellness, our kids, house and job. It all starts within. I’m gonna continue to use this and buy my mother a house.

Ndongla Adelphe says:

I recently got Rev. Ike's Science of living Study Guide for myself as my 24th Birthday's gift… I am loving very single page, sentence and word in it…I AM Blessed, I AM indeed Grateful Rev. Ike…Thank you for bringing more light and understanding to these principles which I have been studying for the past 8years…I AM GRATEFUL…Thank You Father, Thank You God-in-me…I FEEL grateful for All

Ester Kahingunga says:

I am entitled for blessings thank you Rev for your wisdom.

Josh Muz says:

This an extremely abstract interpretation of scripture, there is simply no way the story of Jacob and Esau is about the sub conscious mind, you could do that regarding any story in history if you wanted to, just replace personalities with aspects of the human thinking psychology. You would be hard pressed to find any believer who would conclude what Ike is saying is in any way correct

Gail Jackson says:

Self First ?? Rev Ike ? Feel it All the Time

Donald Davis says:

Some people ask me, "Who is your preacher?" I kindly say," Rev Ike, the best to ever do it." Thank you for keeping his legacy alive and strong!! Love this guy……

John Manamela says:

This man, Rev IKE, was God-sent. What an honour to listen to this powerful words.

Mr B says:

The secret itself

Kwame Eusebe says:

Thank You Rev. IKe

Kwame Eusebe says:

I Respect you Rev. IKe

Erick Reezy moyo says:

Feeling is a secret and Feeling is a blessing


When you listen to this MIND GENIUS and hear what we hear today, and think about HOW IT IS THAT HE WAS TEACHING THIS 40 YEARS AGO, its tuns the mind. Thank you for Rev. Ike. Im in the Philippines at this time teaching not only what you inspired in me as a 12 year old but what I too have demonstrated. THANK YOU!

sweetrose19 says:

Emotion is energy in motion. Very important… Feelings are the driving force behind any thought.

Estelle Light says:

Is this named The Lord's Shepherd?

CoDeReD247 says:

Thank you Rev. Ike, I am grateful.❤

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