The most substantial proof that can satisfy you 🚀Abraham Hicks 🚀No ads during video

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Monique Spaulding says:

Why are humans so obsessed about meeting “famous” subjects. I see everyone the same way maybe their beauty, or personality are what excite me

PRHILL9696 says:

If Hicks was serious about wanting people to know this stuff she would have the guts to accept the James Randi Challenge then the whole world would know but clearly she know the whole world would see she is a fraud. Same with not letting scientists near her

Annette Falbo says:

Who cares you met Beyonce? First Lady OBAMA? As soon as you became giddy about meeting those two, I turned the channel. First of all Beyonce and her husband's lyrics are disgusting, and Michelle Obama is a fraud. She is a he. Disgusting to me. We were lied to by them. We were all duped. Worst president and first lady ever in our American history.

jabrown1978 says:

I LOVE this lady in the hot seat lol

E BELa Vita says:

What is ABE LIVE? Can someone introduce me with that please?

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