The MOST IMPORTANT STEP in Law of Attraction You Must Understand: BELIEVE (Ask, Believe, Receive)

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Matthew K.C. Jessen says:

I believe in my Dream!

Shalini Shalu says:

Yes law of attraction is always working for me… Love you universe love you god love you awesome AJ ❤️????????

Sadik Shaik says:

Tears are rolling out from my eyes sir , the first success step of my life is finding out your channel

Cozy world says:

Great awesomeaj….even only listening you charges us so much….awesomeaj I think for me coming to know about and following you was universe' plan to make me able to fulfil my all dreams.LOL?

Vandana Raghavan says:

Congratulations Sir for 222,859 subscribers.
On the topic of your video, i agree to it 200%. Its our faith and how much we let go & allow our wishes to manifest which is the secret to being a Powerful Creator.

Nirmani Ingeetha says:

thankyou thankyou thankyou AJ

kajal dhawral says:

AJ you have changed my life, I am so grateful that I came across your channel 4 months ago
Thank you so much Thank you universe

tapasaa Madam says:

Sir thanks for writing, what you speak

fashion blog says:

Good morning to all the members of awesome tribe❤ congo for 222k subscribers sir ..
You are saving all of us from being depressed ..
You are doing a great job ..

Karishma Soni says:

Yes! Yes! Yes! I believe in my dreams ?? Thankyou so much Awesome AJ ?

Deepa Jaiswal says:

222k subscribers. 🙂

Ganga Rajan says:

Thank u thank u thank u…thank u universe thank u AJ.. luv u always,,


Thank you AJ sir for this energy suppliment…??

bristi datta says:

Sir i have a temporary desire and every day say God and universe please come true soon.I believe it must be true though the condition wasn't. But every day i say universe I believe it must be true in near future.But oneday due to frustation, i ask universe and God manifest my dream within 1 week. Amazingly it's come true within Only 2 days. Omg? yes sir "believe on dreams" Manifest itself and very soon. Amazing experience. Thank you sir for your guidance and motivation. Thank you ?????

thota ramani says:

Excellent Excellent Excellent Video ✍️

umaima siddiqui says:

I Believe in my dream..
Thank you for this video serious I was questioning of should. I take a short course to actually become expert in my dream and your video shows up

Manpreet Sidhu says:

Sir plz make video on how can I manifest Canada visa .I have applied for Canada PR but not get visa. My friends got visa who applied with me. Plz help ????????

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