The Law Of Attraction Works! (Our Wealth Journey!) USE THIS!

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Moment of Motivation says:

Thank you all. May God bless you guys even more for sharing. FYI I have written a book that I have going through publishing with archway where I mention you are creators as well as Justin for the knowledge I received on your Channel. You're also listed in my dedication page. I will try to contact you all some way for additional details. The Expected release date is June.

The Holy Yogi says:

What A Lovely Prosperous and Spiritual Couple that is helping others To Achieve Massive Success! 🙂

Fattie2BaddieTv says:

Omg ! Thank you for answering my questions and I’m gonna make my first payment ! Thank you for considering us with the payment options ! And when I really hit big I will be paying it forward ! Y’all are really goals . I’m 27 and wanna be married and rich so bad !

Bridgette Swenson says:

Thank you so very much!


Aw you guys are a gorgeous couple ?thank you for you generosity

marwa elashrfi says:

You helped me so much! So happy I found you

Kaye Stewart says:

Beautiful power couple.

Hidden Harmini says:

I'm signing up today! You will hear more from me! -Emenike Ogbondah

Mark Cosby says:

What an incredible journey…I can speak for the LOA community here in Tampa! we are so thankful you all choose Tampa as your headquarters. And btw way I am very honored to be in the class. ?????

Edward Robinson says:

Yes sir. Definitely buying it!!!

Edward Robinson says:

Love You Too

Chelsi Hilton says:

I’m favorite part in all your videos is at the end when you say We Support Your Dreams!

Y.H. Johnson says:

You guys are the bomb. God bless!

M Serdar Coskun says:


Jollyrancher says:

Law of Jesus,all these things Jesus said if you say something and believe it then it will happen.

Leon Kennedy says:

Thank you so much!!!!

Wicked Intensions says:

LET'S WUURKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ????Shxt we building can't be fathomed."-Corporate

SpitYoRachet! •€£¥• •Bag_Talk:101?BLING?⚖️ #WeWorking?‍♂️ #HoodHard?? #Radiopusherstv?? #BET⭐️

Nalinda_22 Odi says:

Thank you Justin & Erika. I Love you & your videos , May god bless you !!

Styled By Krys Shádel says:

Wow! She’s stunning! ???

K Smith says:

❤ y'all so much. ?

Kay Gigny says:

Where do you sign up for this course please put link… Beautiful Couple

Anayah Harris says:

He wife is beautiful!

kayz305 says:

Love to see a beautiful successful black couple winning!!
Thank you both for sharing your journey with us!! ❤️

San Pawar says:

I just subscribed to your other channel "strange but true stories" ?

GWOP God’s Work Over People!!! says:


Funny Reading Alien says:

Deep stuff, keep it up. Yes LOA does work…LOA and God/Universe go hand in hand for me. Ive gotten the house, car, job I wanted and got em all ? Wish you all the best out there ?

The superhero Gang says:

Thank you ??so much


I love LOA!

Great channel ?

tony smith says:

This is my favorite YouTube channel. Just finding out that a married black couple owns this channel. Some of y’all videos changed my life in many beneficial ways. I just had a daughter and got married last year. Definitely will get the course. Much love and wealth

Camille Carter says:

Beautiful Couple with AWESOME Information of LOA!????

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