The Law of Attraction | what i've learned so far this year

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Ace Snipe says:

You look cute as hell with those horse tails ????

J932 says:

I like ur jumper! The welsh dragon, do u have welsh heritage or u just liked the jumper haha?!????????????

carolina098 says:

Greetings from Chile! (south america) ☀️

carolina098 says:

Yes!!! Finally we have this great kind of content! I love this “deeper” videos, thank you Renee????

Jenny Marchal says:

Great video and I listened to your latest podcast today, it was so enlightening 🙂 Also, Yay! to you wearing a WELSH top!!!

Natalie Elisabeth says:

I totally believe in all this!!! I've done some manifesting videos on my channel and I think it's really great to talk about it❤ says:

I like your's ved i am from Algeria

Alex bliss says:

Yaay a new vid… can u plz talk about what u do to your teeth coz they're so white and bright like can make a vid about that or something plz? Ty and have a nice day ????❤????


Start wearing thumb rings????

Ruth Putri says:

Nice points. I love your podcast with Chase! ???? agreed with your both conclusions cause I found kinda have red thread between them. Ily ????

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