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Sunethra says:

I liked this just over for a general thing. Have you tried kiss fantasy nails? If you ever try please do a video!

I really need to have more positive thoughts and I will manifest my career. Fitness wise I'm pushing. Faith is so important.

Fuzail says:

could you do a video on hyper pigmentation whilst being overweight and how you got rid of it? If this even applies to you.

Marwa Amin says:

Question did u start loosing stomach fat at the end of your journey or through out? I’ve lost like 80 pounds but my lower abdominal yooo?

Beama Imrul says:

Do you know how grateful I am??? I seriously can’t thank you enough, you’re so real and seriously your weight loss videos have motivated me soo much!! Keep up the good work sis? you’re helping so many lives ❤️?

Ren says:

This combined all of the elements of my life that I needed to hear in one video! That question always in my head: HOW BADLY DO I WANT IT?! Awesome vid, Hamna!

Saru2343 says:

Hamna so pretty ?? Good advice

Paige Boily says:

I love your tough love in this video. You're sooo right. Honestly, thank you!

Changing Lifestyle says:

Intelligent beautiful lady xx

Nish S says:

Girl , you look super beautiful ?

Sana T says:

Love you so much.

Nadia S says:

I love your videos, especially because you focus them on weight loss but it doesn't get boring because you're giving out information on how to tackle the different aspects of weight loss. You talk about life before and after so we get motivated and know it's worth building your self up. I also love how you're uploading consistently. ❤️??

crystal manzana says:

U have the most healthy GORGEOUS hair!!!!!! I want your hair

amina imtiaz says:

Thank you so much Hamna. You said something that was much needed for me to hear it out today because I am on thus journey. And believe it or not, I have watched many videos in regards to consistency in workout and a healthy eating habits to make it a lifestyle, I'm not going to say they didn't work. They did but I didn't have consistency. Somethings that you say have clicked me bulls eye. Always wait for your videos. Keep em coming! May Allah Subhaana Wataala bless you and your family – aameen (apologies for the long winded message)

Dina Guy says:

Great video! ??

MarysCozy Kitchen says:

Great motivational video! Your sincerity and conviction is conveyed through your words and will def help a lot of people!

Tiarra Middleton says:

Soooo helpful. I appreciate this!

hey Monika says:

Thank you for this video ??

Rim Alqaini says:

So motivating ♥️


Love you sooo much!!!You're really motivating..

Meens says:

You are gorgeous❤️

navira dildar says:

Love your videos ♥️ please make a workout video please ♥️

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