The Law of Attraction Explained, A Practical Guide

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Yvonne Coleman says:

Love all that you share Roger. Thank you!

Jeremy Godwin says:

Eye opening. Thank u. Puts a lot in perspective

Mike Basil says:

Thank you very much, Roger. Namaste. ??

Mystic Storm Wolf says:

Thanks For Thumbnail Picture Do You Know What Happened? But Anyway One Question Where Dose The Object That You Wanted To Attract Is Coming From? Think As It Comes From Somewhere Let’s Say You Wanted A Bike A Blue One So You Utilized The Law Of Attraction And Someone Comes To You And Here I Have Bike For You So You Ask Where Did It Come From They Say It Was Stolen From A Child But It’s Here And It’s Your’s Now I Know The Answer I Gave What Would You Say? Just Be Careful Of Needful Things Please I Say This Out Of Love My Friends.??????❤️???(❤️?❤️)????✝️✡️☢️❤️❤️❤️????❤️❤️❤️

Sharon Harris says:

AMEN..Thank you for Sharing..***

MAXIM Holland Nederland says:

Love the picture, Rabbit centerd by carots !!!

shad0wburn3d says:

The Opening Graphic, The Rabbit standing in the center of that ocean of carrots was EPIC.

cheers HS.

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