The Law of Attraction Experiment!

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Thanh Dang says:

Hahahahaha ????????????????

John Krishner Draper says:

I have never laughed so hard.. your videos are awesome. Much love from Philippines 🙂

BAZZLE b says:

R u 2 gay i dont give a fuck I just want 2 know ????

Chase Reasoner says:

Fucking Awesome! Keep this shit coming…..

JS Boss says:

Das ist so geil!!! Beste Videos!!!

Marie Logan says:

Brilliant I live for your vids x

Magnificent Shooter says:

I miss you guys ❣️❣️❣️ Can I request a video challenge ? Hope you notice this comment ❣️

Cloud Clayfred Quiyan says:

Michael is poor why he attacked on her pennis?

Cloud Clayfred Quiyan says:

Who someone saw michael hurting on beginning while marty is talking???

Loikrfj H9in says:

When marty just coughs at michael to make him feel better

Anthony Pasinetti says:

Is Michael gay?
Don’t think it’s spoken about enough
Like if u agree

Om Vats says:


Matthew Howell G. Villanueva says:

Hahahaha nice concept???? you associated the law to attraction literally???????? i always like your vids guys keep going!????

dominator Seminara says:

Marty end michael ❤️

Muhammad Irvan says:

Hi i from indonesia

xc0rz Gaming says:

Want me to kiss is better Michael ?

Ruscfaer tenrow says:

I always knew you are fabulous xD

Tyler mendoza says:

Is si funny

احمد الشبلي says:

Marty and michael please don't stop doing that videos

Elizabeth Armstrong says:

Guys hallrious !!!! ????????

Dillon Davis says:

I'm attracted ????????

V driipz says:

Put another spoon in michaels asss

Liquid LJ says:

Youse look horeny or somthing, but I love the entertainment, please keep hurting yourself’s

Hi person scrolling through the comments says:

Wait. Is that rackabat

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